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Amber Portwood Is Crazier Than You Thought - She Keeps A Whole Host Of Weapons In Her House!

Published Sun Sep 15 2019 By Travis
Amber Portwood Is Crazier Than You Thought - She Keeps A Whole Host Of Weapons In Her House!

Audio recordings make it almost apparent Andrew was telling the truth and also Amber is owner of a who cache of weapons.

Amber Portwood is mentally unstable, but it is not the only thing which people can accuse her of, now she is someone who endangers the child and is also a woman who is a multiple-time domestic violence instigator. The reason we are still here is because people are still out here defending the woman if it were a man beating the woman while she was holding their child then people would’ve hung him by the rafters and stoned him to death.

But no, not Amber, her adoring Twitter, and Instagram fans are saying they support her for hitting a man and endangering their child. Her rabid fans were always behind her, but now after the release of new audios from the fight between Andrew and Amber is showing the fans how violent and crazy person Amber is.

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood and her destructive ways were on full display when recordings of her Christmas Eve were released.

Source: The Cheat Sheet

In the new audio coming from the YouTube channel, A Crystal Ball Amber can be heard hurling insults at Andrew, screaming at him and using cuss words while the man is holding their children. The audios are not verified, but the voice does seem familiar but still listen at your own discretion.

According to the owner of the YouTube page, the audio was recorded in 2018 during the time of Christmas. “I’m telling James when he gets older that you’re a trash bag,” the woman screams at the man in the room. He insults the man repeatedly and shouts at him to get out of the house. She also tells the man to ruin him by telling the press they are not in a relationship anymore and while the war of words is going on, in the audio a child can be heard in the background.

Watch: The audio recordings of Amber and Andrew fighting (the voices are still unconfirmed) listen at your own discretion

The man in the room starts saying the baby is still in the room and describes for the audio; he is holding the kid, while the woman screaming at him doesn’t refute this claim. “Tell me how I had a motherf—–g baby! Tell me! Tell me how!” Wow, talk about a loving mother who wants to take care of her kid, is this not enough for the fanboys and girls of Amber?

Well, maybe this will do the trick, the man starts screaming and tells the woman to stop hitting him while we can hear some ruffling sounds. The man says, “Ow! I’m holding James! Stop hitting me!” While the woman get angrier and she starts repeating herself frequently, then the woman says, “I will kill you! I will kill you! Get out! I’m gonna stab you in your neck!” And the man replied, “Why are you going to stab me in my neck?” and then the audio concludes.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon sitting on a couch.
Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon were fighting and she allegedly threatened to stab him in the neck.

Source: Tv Shows Ace

The thing is a few months after the recordings; Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic violence on 5 July. The main thing coming from the arrest was Amber allegedly ran after her husband and their son with a machete. To be clear, Amber is a convicted felon which means she is not allowed to own or keep any weapons in her possession and still there is evidence which suggests she kept a large cache of weapons at home which is illegal for a convicted felon.

Amber maintained her innocence, and most people were also backing her, and she even floated the idea Andrew Glennon was cheating on her, which is what resulted in the violent outburst. Most of Amber’s friends believed her and were even attacking Andrew but now it seems the father of their children dropped a bombshell of an audiotape which, if verified, would go a long way in proving the innocence of Andrew and also allows him to take full custody and move him away from the destructive nature of his mother.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon sitting on a couch.with their son
Andrew Glennon is fighting to take the full custody of their child.

Source: Celebrity Insider

Amber needs help and the only way she is going to seek some help if her son is taken away from her, and there is a real sense of loss for the reality star. We hope Amber gets some help she desperately needs and is somewhere down the line allowed to see her son again, but for now, the kid and the father need to be as far away from her as possible.