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British Actor from 2017’s Life Ariyon Bakare - How Big is his Role in His Dark Materials?

Published Thu Sep 19 2019 By Travis
British Actor from 2017’s Life Ariyon Bakare - How Big is his Role in His Dark Materials?

Every new show needs a solid anchor to swing and flex their dramatic muscles and also realize how far is it they can push the cast and the characters to cobble together a coherent story the creators and the people involved behind and in front of the scene can be proud of. The first real test for a new adaptation or a new story is to get the right writers, but the next important thing is to get the casting correct, and you get the people who will be most equipped to portray the characters.

When it comes to 'His Dark Materials,' there is little to no concern about the casting choices made. From hiring James Cosmo to play the character of Farder Coram to getting Ruta Gedmintas to play the witch Serafina and there are also other star performers like Will Keen and his daughter Dafne Keen who is leading the show. But the one actor we are most excited to see on the screen when ‘His Dark Materials’ first debut is Ariyon Bakare. The British actor who appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2017 horror/thriller movie Life and also was an important character in the hit Amazon series 'Good Omens.'

Ariyon Bakare during the premiere of Life
Ariyon Bakare was one of the cast members in Life.

Source: EURweb

We are excited to see the actor get his hands on one of the better characters in 'His Dark Materials' book series. How will the show portray the books in the series is something we are uncertain about, whether this will be a one book one season type of things or they are going just to lump them all together. The hope and the most likely scenario is they are likely to make the series one book at a time which means Ariyon Bakare will play a significant role in the upcoming series and if it gets renewed, his character will be even better in the second season.

What Role Is Ariyon Bakare Playing In His Dark Materials?

Ariyon Bakare in His Dark Materials.

In the Philip Pullman book series, Ariyon Bakare will be playing the role of 'Lord Carlo Boreal' in the world inhabited by 'Lyra Belacqua' (played by Dafne Keen). The pale suit-wearing and sweetly smelling man also goes by the name of 'Sir Charles Latrom' in the world where Will Parry is from. In the book series, Ariyon Bakare’s character is in love with or more precisely in relationship with 'Mrs. Coulter' (played by Ruth Wilson).

Mrs. Coulter’s house is also the place where Lord Boreal and Lyra first meet, and it won’t be the only time they meet in the entire series. The character is rather dormant in the first book of the series, but he takes more of an antagonists role in the second book where he also SPOILER ALERT meets his demise.

Ruth Wilson as Mrs. Coulter in His Dark Materials.
Ruth Wilson is playing Mrs. Coulter who is in relationship with Lord Boreal.

Source: CBN

The character is of great importance in the series where he forces Lyra and 'Will' to steal 'The Subtle Knife' in the second book. She manages to steal the Knife, but they are also able to steal the alethiometer which Lord Boreal was holding over the head of Lyra into stealing the Knife. After they steal and escape from the Cittagazze, both Will and Lyra appear in the study of Boreal. There they hear the Lord talk to Coulter about the life he was able to build in another world and he also keeps financing the search for the Dust and also to know more about the substance.

Spoilers for the book in this paragraph, while the Boreal is in Cittagaze Coulter poisons his drink to know more about the Subtle Knife and also to find out where it is and while her interrogations Boreal dies dues to poisoning.

How Big Is His Role In His Dark Materials?

Ariyon Bakare

If the show is telling the story of one book at a time, then the importance of the character is severely limited in the first series. We do not know how the writers are going to change the story to fit the current word and how they are going to incorporate the characters in the TV adaptation. Whatever the case, the character is going to play a significant role in the second series, which was the case with the book.

If the first season of 'His Dark Materials' is successful and BBC and HBO decide they want to do another season of the series, then Ariyon Bakare is going to play a significant role in the second season of one of the most anticipated shows for the end of the year. Though Ariyon only played supporting or supporting roles, and when it comes to Star Wars, a small cameo appearance, this show and especially the second season will allow the actor more screen time for the first time since his time in the British Daytime Soap TV.

Watch: The trailer for the first season of His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is currently scheduled for release on 3 November on BBC One in the UK and a day late on 4 November on HBO in the US.

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