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Did Nicole Kidman Have Plastic Surgery?

Published Mon Nov 02 2020 By Bran
Did Nicole Kidman Have Plastic Surgery?

Two-Time Primetime Emmy Award winner Nicole Kidman totally revamped herself following a series of plastic surgery procedures. Get a close look at her journey right here.

Nicole Kidman is someone who needs no introduction as a one-time Academy Award and five Golden Globe Award winner. Her introduction would be impossible without mentioning that she was among the world's highest-paid actresses in three different years, i.e., 2006, 2018, and 2019. Her contributions to Hollywood are immense as she featured in some top films like 'Cold Mountain,' 'Dogville,' and 'The Paperboy.' Besides, she even strengthened her portfolio with leading roles in 'Batman Forever' and 'To Die For.'

Nicole Kidman is the living form of fine wine as the 53-year-old keeps on looking classy and beautiful with each passing year. Most of the credits behind her immense transformation go to artificial measures. The 'Big Little Lies' artist has been fond of some cosmetic procedures for a long time, and today we take you close to the changes she went through the measures of plastic surgery.

Nicole Kidman's Plastic Surgery Made Massive Facial Alterations

Nicole Kidman firstly rose into prominence when she began her acting career in 1983 films 'Bush Christmas' and 'BMX Bandits.' At the time of her debut at the age of 16, she had natural curls and pretty dimples. By 1995, she was one of the most stunning actresses in the world, not just by her acting but also by the looks of her figure.

A before and after plastic surgery photo of Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman was one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018.
Photo Source: Daily Mirror

The shape of Nicole Kidman was changing gradually as her cheeks were more flushed with reddish hair at the time of the early 2000s. Judging by her facial appearances, she hadn't done any under-the-table measures back then, but her nose looked much narrow than her own self in the twenties. 

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It was in the mid-2000s when the actress first started doing plastic surgery procedures to revamp her facials. It was probably then when she debuted Botox and the upper-lip filler.

Nicole Kidman's picture from 1980s and 2020.

Nicole Kidman made her breakthrough in the thriller film Dead Calm.
Photo Source: Radar Online

Nicole's plastic surgery even helped her to enable telltale Botox 'bunny lines' at her nose, which is the courtesy of her Botox. Besides her facials, the actress kept on changing her hair color and styles to stir up new looks with each passing year. Moreover, the surgeries even led her eyes to look more stretched.

Nicole Kidman's Previously Denied On Getting A Surgery

The changes in Nicole Kidman's face over the years are quite transparent that no one would believe that they are natural. In 2007, the multiple-time Emmy winner disclosed that her physical self is 'completely natural.' Despite her best efforts to convince the public otherwise, they were adamant not to believe her.

Nicole Kidman in a brown dress posesa  picture.

Nicole Kidman is the ex-wife of Hollywood sensation Tom Cruise.
Photo Source: Hello! Magazine

Since nobody believed her, Nicole Kidman finally admitted to the fact that she did try Botox. Unfortunately, it didn't go according to her plans, which forced her to quit the artificial measures. As per Dr. Mirwat Sami, fillers in her mid-face provided her fullness and lift, including deep lines between nose and mouth.

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