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Dmitry Is Back! Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Pulls Off Hilarious 'Russian Hitman $100,000 Transaction Prank!'

Published Tue Aug 27 2019 By Travis
Dmitry Is Back! Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Pulls Off Hilarious 'Russian Hitman $100,000 Transaction Prank!'

Vitaly dusted some dust off Dmitry's coat and he is back with his Russian hitman prank!

Vitaly is a great comedian, his humor is an acquired taste for viewers, but once you are hooked, the whole thing is like a drug. Vitaly’s humor after a while is something we can’t get enough off, which is why we love the Russian guy with a camera so much.

The “Natural Born Prankster,” is one the best people you can follow on Instagram right now and most people will agree because he produces new content almost every day which sends up rolling on the floor laughing. Today was another such day where Vitaly brought back one of the fan-favorite characters of times past.

In a recent video posted on Vitaly’s Instagram page, he shared a new video captioned, “Russian hitman $100,000 transaction prank,” with a devil emoji. Vitaly is bringing back 'Dmitry', the Russian hitman from his previous videos.

The video starts out with a blond model handing a man walking the street with a briefcase. She handcuffs the briefcase to men on the street and tells them to give the case to Dmitry. One of the person she ties the briefcase to tell the beautiful suited model, “You look good, but this is the stuff you see in the movies and stuff.” The man still takes the case smilingly and is okay with the girl cuffing an unknown case to their hand.

Finally, Dmitry arrives on the scene and tells a hoodie-wearing man to get on his man and tells him it is his case. Vitaly tells the man there is a $100,000 in the case and asks the man to give it to him.

The person who said the girl was beautiful is the next one to encounter Vitaly. He stands in front of the cuffed man and shows him a ziplocked plastic bag where it appears to be a human organ inside. Vitaly tells the man to stop, and he needs the money when the grey overcoat wearing man runs off with the case.

Dmitry in the elevator prank.
Vitaly did the prank of Russian hitman Dmitry before.

Source: Metro

Another person to be pranked by Vitaly is a green hoodie and shorts-wearing man. Vitaly tells him to bang the case on the sidewalk, “Harder like you are trying to f*uck you mother.” Then he takes out a hatchet to cut off the case when the man runs away.

Orange hat-wearing man is the next victim when he asks Vitaly to get the keys and Vitaly makes fun of the man by saying, “You are not DJ Khaled, ‘You got the keys keys keys keys.’” The man banging the case asks for the keys when Vitaly swallows the handcuff keys and tells the man, “These keys disappeared like your father,” a little racist but funny all the same.

Finally, Vitaly does a magic trick and pretends to pull the keys from the ass of the cuffed man. He lets the man leave by telling him, “Your ass saved the day,” and the video ends.

Vitaly is currently extremely busy, but it seems the man gets all the time he needs to prank people on the street. Vitaly also recently posted a video of his almost two-year girlfriend Kinsey Wolanski and also challenged the fitness model Steve Kris. Vitaly also owns a porn prank site which provides adult content to the monthly subscribing crowd in his exclusive site Vitaly Uncensored. If you want some R-rated prank then Vitaly Uncensored in the place for you to get your entertainment.