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Ernie Hudson's Wife, Linda Kingsberg: A Glimpse into Her Life

Published Wed Dec 13 2023 By Bsgurung
Ernie Hudson's Wife, Linda Kingsberg: A Glimpse into Her Life

Linda Kingsberg, 69, gained fame as the enduring wife of actor Ernie Hudson, marrying him in May 1985 after his divorce from Jeannie Lou Moore. A former flight attendant, Linda has two sons with Ernie. 

Their enduring union of over three decades stands out in Hollywood's sea of failed marriages, with no reported marital issues. The couple's secret to a happy marriage remains a source of curiosity, defying industry norms and serving as an inspiration to many.

Wonderful Marital Life, Ernie Hudson

Celebrating over three decades of marriage, Linda Kingsberg and actor Ernie Hudson continue to defy Hollywood's norm with a blissful union devoid of any reported marital issues. Tying the knot in 1981, the Ghostbusters actor, though private about his love life on social media, has expressed gratitude for Linda's unwavering support. 

Linda Kingsbergs husband
Image: Linda Kingsberg with her husband, Ernie Hudson at the event together. Source: Getty Images

In interviews, Ernie acknowledges her role in seeing the best in him, comparing her influence to that of his grandmother. Linda and Ernie's enduring and happy marriage stands as a testament to their commitment and the profound impact of their vows on their long journey together.

How Many Kids Does Linda Kingsberg Have? 

Linda Kingsberg, akin to Pasionaye Nguyen, not only embodies a faithful and supportive wife but also a protective and caring mother to her two sons, Andrew and Ross Hudson

The family maintains a low profile, mirroring Linda's preference for privacy. Meanwhile, Ernie Hudson, Linda's husband, has two additional children, Ernie Hudson Jr and Rahaman Hudson, from his prior relationship with Jeannie Moore. 

The Hudson family's commitment to privacy extends to Ernie's children, fostering an environment where details about Ross, Andrew, Ernie Jr, and Rahaman remain scarce in the public domain.

Their Interracial Marriage Succecceded 

Linda Kingsberg and Ernie Hudson, an interracial couple, faced societal challenges in the past. Despite apprehensions about societal acceptance, Hudson acknowledged the nervousness surrounding their prospects. 

The couple encountered discrimination, with people hesitant to show them properties, and even received unsolicited advice against having children due to potential confusion. Undeterred, Kingsberg and Hudson defied societal judgments, staying resilient and supportive of each other. 

Their enduring commitment and ability to overcome societal prejudices have been pivotal to their long-lasting and successful marriage, highlighting the strength of their bond against external pressures.

Her Husband, Ernie Hudson is a Cancer Survivor

Ghostbusters actor Ernie Hudson, a two-time cancer survivor, faced prostate cancer in 1998 and rectal cancer in 2011. Throughout these battles, wife Linda Kingsberg played a crucial supportive role, offering morale boosts during challenging times.

Inspired by his personal experiences, Hudson is now a passionate advocate for cancer prevention, emphasizing the importance of early detection and regular screenings. 

He actively supports the Think About the Link campaign by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, using his platform to raise awareness about cancer prevention measures and encouraging others to prioritize their health through proactive screenings.

She is a Former Flight Attendant

Though Linda Kingsberg, Ernie Hudson's wife, was once a flight attendant and has maintained a private life, her current occupation remains undisclosed. 

Speculation suggests a possible career in journalism, with unverified claims identifying her as the editor-in-chief of The Daily Dot magazine. 

However, due to her elusive nature in the media, her present professional endeavors remain uncertain and unconfirmed.

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Get to Know Her Husband, Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson, born on December 17, 1945, is an accomplished American actor renowned for his versatile performances across film, television, and stage. 

Widely recognized for his iconic role as Winston Zeddemore in the classic "Ghostbusters" franchise, Hudson's career spans several decades, showcasing his talent in diverse genres. 

Ernie Hudson actor
Image: Ernie Hudson posing for the picture. Source: Images

Born in Michigan, he overcame personal and professional challenges to become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. 

Beyond acting, Hudson is a two-time cancer survivor and a passionate advocate for cancer prevention. His enduring marriage to Linda Kingsberg and commitment to privacy contribute to the enigmatic allure surrounding this seasoned Hollywood veteran.

Linda Kingsberg's Net Worth in 2023

Linda Kingsberg's net worth remains undisclosed, with her real estate and professional ventures undisclosed as well. However, given her marriage to actor Ernie Hudson, whose net worth mirrors that of Nate Holzapfel at $5 million, one can assume a life of luxury.

Ernie acclaimed for roles in Ghostbusters and The Family Business, has accrued substantial wealth from his successful acting career. 

Despite their millionaire status, the couple maintains a discreet lifestyle, keeping details of their real estate and stock investments private. Residing in Minneapolis, Linda and Ernie strike a balance between financial success and a low-key existence, shrouding their assets in privacy.

Linda Kingsberg Age and Bio

Born in 1954, Linda Kingsberg, in her late 70s, shares a nine-year age gap with her husband Ernie Hudson. Despite her reserved nature, it is known that Linda's father celebrated his 100th birthday in November 2020, prompting her to move to Minneapolis to be closer to her parents. 

However, detailed information about Linda's parents and early life remains undisclosed. Similarly, Ernie Hudson's childhood was marked by tragedy, losing his mother at two months old and never knowing his father. Raised by his maternal grandmother Arrana Donald, Ernie credits her for molding him into the fine man he became.

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