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Explore The Life Of Crystal Maurisa Goins: Love Of WWE Legend Kane

Published Thu Feb 08 2024 By Oliver
Explore The Life Of Crystal Maurisa Goins: Love Of WWE Legend Kane

Crystal Maurisa Goins is the wife of Glenn Thomas Jacobs, a professional wrestler, actor, and politician better known by his stage name, Kane. Crystal became famous for marrying a prominent figure, Kane. Crystal has set up an insurance company named ‘The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance,’ with Kane’s assistance. Crystal is an animal lover and has been involved with several non-governmental organizations, saving the lives of numerous animals in her locality.

In this article, you will learn about her personal and professional life. So, let us dive into her life to find the interesting facts about her career and many other interesting facts. Read this article till the end to learn about her in detail.

Who Is Kane's Wife, Crystal Maurisa Goins?

Crystal Goins is an American businesswoman and media personality, best known as the wife of Glenn Thomas Jacobs, the renowned wrestler, actor, and politician known as Kane. She was born on November 30, 1959, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Crystal graduated with a major in Psychology from East Tennessee State University and worked as a counselor until 2013. 

Kane and Crystal Maurisa Goins are in the frame.
Crystal Goins is an media personality.
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Crystal is also known for her involvement in animal welfare and has been associated with several non-governmental organizations. Additionally, she set up an insurance company called 'The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance' with Kane's assistance.

Crystal Maurisa Goins and Kane's Married Life

Crystal Maurisa Goins, born in 1960, is the wife of Glenn Thomas Jacobs, known as Kane, a prominent wrestler, actor, and politician. They got married on August 23, 1995. Crystal and Kane do not have a biological child together, but Crystal has two daughters from a previous marriage. They also have two grandchildren through Crystal's daughter. Crystal graduated with a major in Psychology. 

Despite being over 50 years old, she is described as having a strong passion and youthful nature. Crystal is also portrayed as a family-focused individual, much like her husband, Kane, who is described as a responsible man. The couple has been happily married for over 28 years and has enjoyed a life together without any intention of separating.

About Crystal's Previous Marriage

Crystal Goins was previously married, and she has two daughters from her previous marriage. However, the details about her former spouse, including the name, are not known to the public. Crystal has been tight-lipped about her previous marriage and husband. 

She is currently married to Glenn Thomas Jacobs, also known as Kane, a well-known wrestler, actor, and politician, and they have been happily married for over 28 years. 

All About Crystal Husband, Kane

Kane, whose real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs, is a renowned professional wrestler celebrated for his remarkable career within WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Recognizable by his imposing demeanor, Kane is often distinguished by his distinct mask, long hair, and attire featuring fiery red and black hues.

Kane is in the picture.
Kane is a professional wrestler.
Image Source: Times of India.

Entering the WWE stage in the late 1990s, Kane's character was shrouded in mystery and darkness, with a compelling backstory as the half-brother of The Undertaker, another iconic figure in WWE history. His narrative encompassed elements of tragedy, vengeance, and supernatural undertones, captivating wrestling enthusiasts and solidifying his fan base. 

Throughout his illustrious journey, Kane has achieved numerous championship victories, including the prestigious WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and various tag team titles. Beyond his wrestling triumphs, Glenn Jacobs, the man embodying the Kane persona, has diversified his endeavors into acting and ventured into the realm of politics.

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Career and Professional Life Of Crystal Maurisa Goins

Crystal is a counselor and businesswoman. She worked as a counselor at East Tennessee State University for many years after earning a master’s degree in Psychology.

She later co-founded an insurance agency called ‘The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance‘ with her husband, Glenn Thomas Jacobs, who is a professional wrestler known as Kane. The agency focuses on providing various insurance services, including automobile, home, life, and commercial insurance, as well as retirement plans.

Net Worth Of Crystal Goins

Crystal Maurisa Goins' net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She has accumulated substantial wealth through her successful career and her involvement in non-governmental organizations, as well as her insurance company.

However, Kane's net worth is estimated to be around $7 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Kane accumulated his net worth primarily through his successful career as a professional wrestler in WWE. He has claimed three world championship titles since joining the promotion in 1995, including the WWE, ECW, and World Heavyweight Championships.

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