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Francesca Farago Plastic Surgery - Did She Really Undergo a Surgery?

Published Tue Apr 28 2020 By Chester
Francesca Farago Plastic Surgery - Did She Really Undergo a Surgery?

Learn the facts behind Netflix's Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago plastic surgery rumors. 

The gorgeous Television personality Francesca Farago surely won the hearts of millions from his luscious work in the Netflix series. And as there's a saying that with 'fame attracts problems' to the celebrities, the same thing happened with Farago. 

The 26 years old glamour sensation has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery behind her temptations look. So here we present you with all the facts behind it, 

Francesca Farago Plastic Surgery Rumors

Snippet of Frago over the years.

Snippet of Frago over the years.
Image Source: Capital Fm

Well the 26 years old Francesca Farago has been accused of undergoing lips, nose, chin, and chest surgery. And since it has been drawing a whirlwind of gossips and rumors among her fans, here we present you with all the details. So without wasting any time, let's dig in and find out all the facts behind it, 

Fargo Lip Augmentation

Francesca's lip suction rumors are true.
Image Source: Instagram (@TOO HOT TO HANDLE)

The majority of fans came with the speculations of the reality star after seeing a more than normal thick lips. As compared to her images, the above and below lips seem thicker. So her lip do's are sure.

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As back in 2008, the Canadian model had a thin lip line and fast forward to 2020, Francesca's lips seem like its made for a pout. Anyway, she looks hot on 'em.

Farago Nose Surgery

Round nose now seems pointy.
Image Source: Reddit

As overlooking Francesca snaps over the years shows changes on her nose so we assume she did nose surgery. As more with the time ongoing her nose has turned to be more pointy as it was round in shape before. Which you can clearly see comparing to the above snap.

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However, there's also slight chances of the nose looking that way due to makeup as makeup can make your nose shape.'

One Reddit user commented, "Only thing I'd understand is her nose since in the before picture, you can tell it slightly deviates to her left." And we agree on that, there are some changes seen, however, Francesca's nose looks better now and it has also enhanced her looks.

Francesca Farago Breast Implants

Farago had a boobs reduction instead.
Image Source: Capital Fm

The Instagram model Francesca also hinted that she had overgone through boobs surgery in the past. As per reports from Capital Fm, During one episode of Too Hot to Handle, Francesca appeared to hint she’s had surgery on her boobs in the past.

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As the contestants got to know each other, Chloe Veitch asked Francesca: “How big were they before?” And Francesca replied: “They were big.” However, Francesca could have been implying she’s had a boob reduction rather than an enhancement boob job. So accounting and coming up with a summary, Francesca did go under the knife.

We hope you found the answer to your queries, stay tuned to find recent Entertainment updates on Glamour Fame.