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Kinsey Wolanski Celebrates Pajama Wine Night With Her Closest Friends Prior To Her Birthday

Published Thu Aug 29 2019 By Travis
Kinsey Wolanski Celebrates Pajama Wine Night With Her Closest Friends Prior To Her Birthday

Kinsey Wolanski is celebrating a pre-birthday with her best friends and the girls are doing a pajama wine party!

Kinsey Wolanski was discovered during her visit to Los Angeles when she was given her first job working as a model. She started her career in the US and since then she came in eighth place in a beauty pageant which seems like a stupid decision considering the place she is in now.

From a relatively unknown Instagram famous star to a personality who captured the imagination of the entire world. It was sudden but deserved rise to fame for one of the most talked about Instagram model. Now, she is enjoying the time of her life and celebrating her birthday in a year where one stunt by her made over $4 million for her boyfriend.

In a destination birthday party celebration for the model, Kinsey and Vitaly took a jet to a certain location to celebrate her birthday. Considering the year the two are currently enjoying, Vitaly spared no expenses for Kinsey’s birthday party.

But before the party even started there was a girl’s only pajama wine party where all of Kinsey’s closest friends made the journey to celebrate with the birthday girl. The day started out with Kinsey showing off the goodie bags which will be provided to her friends. The goodie bag consists of a pajama and a personalized wine glass which was given to her friends when they arrived.

Kinsey's friends arrive for her birthday party.
Source: Kisney Wolanski, Instagram

Slowly the friends arrived with wines and gifts then they all changed clothes to get into their pajama and so began the party of girls only. The story on Instagram also showed the prankster giving his girlfriend a pretty expensive gift, a Cartier ring which would’ve cost the Vitaly Uncensored owner a fortune, but considering the net worth of the “natural born prankster” it should’ve been no problem for him.

The girls enjoyed glasses of wine and all of them took a group photo in their pink pajama outfit. The girls then finally got back together to cut the cake of her birthday but since there was no candle, Kinsey burned a napkin in place of the candle to celebrate her birthday.

Kinsey Wolanski

Kinsey and her friends are wearing matching pajamas for a pink pajama and wine party.
Source: Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram

It was a great day for the Champions League Final streaker who rose to international fame after she invaded the pitch in Madrid wearing a skimpy outfit. The stunt made international headline and her Instagram rose in almost a million followers in a single day.

The streaking incident caused her to be one of the most searched models on Instagram and people lined up to see all the outfits and photos of the model.

Kinsey Wolanski

Vitaly gave Kinsey a Cartier ring which must've cost a fortune to the Vitaly Uncensored owner.
Source: Kinsey Wolanski, Instagram

Vitaly and Kinsey met almost two years ago when they struck a true relationship and after a game of cat and mouse the couple finally came out, holding hands and utterly in love with one another. Since then the clout of Vitaly and the business venture of the prankster helped grow the model to the point where she is now.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Kinsey used a napkin as a make shift candle to light up her birthday cake.
Source: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Instagram

It was a long journey for the model and this year was the fruit of all her labor over the years. Her birthday and the huge celebration was the culmination of years of hard work and a year where she reached international fame. This was a deserved celebration so enjoy Kinsey, enjoy your day and happy early birthday.