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Mad Mad World! A Man Filmed his Girlfriend Having Sex with His Dogs

Published Wed Apr 17 2019 By rhyss
Mad Mad World! A Man Filmed his Girlfriend Having Sex with His Dogs

Man arrested for the possession of extreme pornography, including clips of his girlfriend having sex with dogs!

Wayne Horkan, a resident of Birmingham has been arrested by the law enforcement for possession of 1469 still images and videos of sexual acts with animals like dogs and horses.

But the most startling part is that he even filmed his own girlfriend making out with his pet dogs.

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Timothy Harrington, the prosecutor claims Wayne himself confessed of enjoying sexual gratification by watching such lewd images and videos. Even more so his girlfriend also shared a similar interest in extreme pornography.

Wayne, of Chester Road in Castle Bromwich, professed the two charges put against him, i.e, possessing extreme pornographic images. The Birmingham Crown court slapped a $5223 fine and directed him to pay $1,567.

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Wayne who runs a technological consultancy firm reportedly downloaded all the indecent material between April 2014 and April 2015. While sentencing, Judge Melbourne Inman QC said, 

"Between 2014 and 2015 you downloaded imagery which it is not necessary to detail again, which are abhorrent. Two of them involved a lady whom you were living with which is an aggravating feature."

The judge further stated that despite all the delay in the case, there's been no reoccurrence of the incident.

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On the other hand, Wayne's defendant, Lynette McClement claimed his salacious sexual conquest was only limited to the time frame in which he was in a relationship with his girlfriend.

McClement, moreover, divulged, "In the course of that relationship, his interest in extreme pornography was limited to that timescale. This was a shared interest."