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Mulan Hernandez's Plastic Surgery: All the Details Here

Published Mon Sep 20 2021 By shirayoky
Mulan Hernandez's Plastic Surgery: All the Details Here

Did Mulan Hernandez undergo Plastic Surgery? Read the complete facts here.

Mulan Hernandez is a designer model who rose to fame as an Instagram model. She gained more popularity after dating the NBA's tallest player Bol Bol.

On Jan 30, 2001, she was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Bombarding from the United States, Mulan Hernandez holds an American visa. Mulan Hernandez resides at Houston, Texas. 

After accumulating massive followers on her Instagram, many speculated that The 20-year-old entrepreneur is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery. Continue reading to know more.

Mulan Hernandez underwent Plastic Surgery; Is it True?

Mulan Hernadez is the vanguard of plastic surgery assumption on the internet. How many cosmetic courses has she had? Technically, the most apparent plastic surgery that Hernandez has had is butt implants. It's one part of her body parts that she never fails to display on Instagram to her fans whenever possible.

Mulan Hernandez makes a headline on plastic surgery.

Mulan Hernandez makes a headline on plastic surgery.
Photo Source: Instagram

Butt implants are artificial enhancers that are implanted in the buttocks to increase their size. Buttock lifts, implants, and augmentation with free fat transfer are the most ordinary types of buttock-related procedures.

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Mulan also has likely undergone breast implants. The fact that her bosom looks abnormal makes it quite clear that she's had cosmetically enhanced it to make it bigger. 

Breast implants are one of the most common and widely used and regularly accomplished aesthetic surgical treatments among celebrities for many years now. 

In addition to it, the Instagram star is also believed to have had Botox injections and a facelift surgery as well. To this day, the lady is yet to address her cosmetic surgery accusations, and it's pretty unlikely that she'll do this anytime soon.

Why Did Mulan Hernandez and Bol Bol End Their Relationship?

Bol Bol and his past girlfriend Mulan Hernandez were spotted as an element during the 2020-21 NBA season. Hernandez made an entrance to Denver Nuggets game to motivate her boyfriend last year.

Mulan Hernandez and Bol Bol Ends Their Relationship

Mulan Hernandez and Bol Bol Ends Their Relationship.
Photo Source: The sports rush

Mulan usually posted a decent amount of pictures wearing her boyfriend’s jersey on Instagram throughout their relationship. But after the break-up, she deleted all those shots from her social media, indicating they were no longer together.

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Of course, the Elimination of Bol Bol pics from Mulan’s Instagram profile caused a bit of a ruckus on Nugget's social media. Fans of the 7’2″ forward-center were dumbfounded when they learned the truth that Mulan had been lipsyncing with an interpretation of ‘Gold Digger for Life’ by Queen of the Ratchet Chorus.

This specific clip was founded on Tiktok, which is when all this progress began. It seems that Mulan had no intention of getting pregnant. She quoted she wants to do many things in her life, and getting kids isn’t a top priority.

Perhaps this mindset regarding kids was a major breaking point for Bol Bol. Players around that league have been cautious of child support situations and the protracted legal battles around it with PJ Washington’s episode.

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