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Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's Hilarious 'Trailer Trash Parents Prank' Is Now Available On Vitaly Uncensored!

Published Thu Aug 15 2019 By Travis
Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's Hilarious 'Trailer Trash Parents Prank' Is Now Available On Vitaly Uncensored!

Another day, another funny prank by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy!

In the past three days, Vitaly released a gym prank video where he keeps shouting at people who use their phone, a video of him strapped on top of the wing of a plane and finally, he posted a photo of a sex slave prank video which is only on Vitaly Uncensored. Well, today was no different; the self-proclaimed “Natural Born Prankster” took to Instagram to post another prank video.

Today the video was about “Trailer Trash Parents Prank!” where he appeared alongside his sex slave video partner Ariel Ice. Ariel worked with Vitaly in the previous video, and recently she posted on her secondary account her main Instagram account will be disabled for a couple of days. The aspiring Instagram model is followed by over 128k account on Instagram, and it was the account which was recently disabled.

In the video, Vitaly and Ariel are seen in a park near a pond. Ariel is wearing the same attire from her sex slave video, and both of them are standing next to a baby stroller. The video starts with Vitaly body slamming the baby stroller in front of a bystander then the video switches to Vitaly and Ariel talking to a man in blue cap, Vitaly tells the man he is an alcoholic and Ariel pretends to cry. There is a track playing with baby crying noises, and Vitaly curses the baby.

Then the two starts playing volley-ball with the baby, just to be clear, the baby is made of rubber and plastic, it is not a real baby. While playing volley-ball Ariel bats the toy baby down and there is a sound effect of squishing noise.

Vitaly runs a porn prank site as well as a YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers.

Source: Irish Mirror

After they finished playing volley-ball, a couple stops by the two “trailer trash parents,” and Vitaly tells them he is planning to drown their baby. The lady tells him not to drown the baby, but Ariel adds she cannot take this anymore. Vitaly approaches the women to cheers with her and drink, but the woman takes the bottle and sprays Vitaly with the content, and he starts to cry. Vitaly turns to Ariel and asks her to give him the backup bottle from which he starts drinking.

Well, then the two take the video to the next level when Vitaly put white powder on the baby’s head and snorts it with his nose while Ariel encourages him to do it. Then the two stop near a man wearing Raider hat and tells him the two met during Coachella in ’96 and she gave him a “blowie," and he tells the man the two made a baby afterward.

Ariel Ice and Vitaly are now together for their third video.

Source: Glamour Fame

To end the video, Vitaly and Ariel are approached by two ladies pushing a trolley with a baby when Vitaly pushes his own trolley in the pond. The lady runs over and tells Vitaly to go save the baby, but he tells her he is afraid of the water. The lady tells Vitaly the kid is his baby so he should go save the kid, but he stands back while Ariel says, “the vodka, though.”

This type of nasty humor is not something new to the man who is nearing a two years anniversary with his beautiful girlfriend, Kinsey Wolanski. The Instagram model recently shot to international fame after she streaked during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham. The couple tried another such streaking stunt during the Copa America final, but they were caught before they could even get near the field. Vitaly’s mother was also almost successful in her attempt to streak during the ICC World Cup Final between England and New Zealand.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's mom.
Vitaly's mom also tried to follow in Vitaly's girlfriend's footstep.

Vitaly is always on the lookout for next streakers; he recently held a try out for a streaker to run during a sports event. We predicted Vitaly would be facilitating another streaking video during the UEFA Super Cup, but the match came and went, but Vitaly was not there so maybe he is planning something big for the future. As for now, enjoy the prank videos of Instagram and on his YouTube channel and if you want more then head on over to Vitaly’s exclusive site for more 18+ content.

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