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Top 5 Life Hacks To Make You Look Perfect For A Date Within 5 Minutes!

Published Sat Jul 13 2019 By Chester
Top 5 Life Hacks To Make You Look Perfect For A Date Within 5 Minutes!

So you heading out for a date, but all your insecurities and anxiety killing you?

You probably be running with hundreds of thoughts to make the date your best one right? What to wear, how to decorate and other troubling stuffs on mind. Well don't worry we got your back.

So in the article, we have come up with some of the life hacks that are going to make you perfect for a date.

A perfect setup is always healthy and charming. Before you go ahead and speak those three little magical words make sure to setup the environment in order to bring up the mood.

5. Custom Made Flower Cubes

SOURCE: Five Minutes Craft

Put the petals in the ice cub and fill it with water. Store in a deep freeze for an hour and as a result you will get beautiful flower-cubes, a perfect decoration if you are setting up a some special occasion.

Step 2: Decoration

Step 3: Cheers!

We assure the flowers petals are sure to blossom your loved ones with happiness.

4. Custom Made Dryer

SOURCE: Life Hacks

If you are in a rush and cant make it to a parlor and still want to have a perfect bouncy hair. Well, we have got a life hack for you.

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Firstly wash your hair, then use a net to hold your hair then blow hair dryer over it. 


Just air-dry your hair for few minutes and the looks you will get will astonish you. Yes, you can have a curvy yet wavy hair just using few steps. 

3. Broken Lipstick

You are about to go on a date, the date is already on the way and suddenly lipsticks break away! Well don't worry you don't need to throw it away or buy a new one. Well, you can adjust it back without anyone even noticing about it.

Step 2: Melt the end part then attach it with the broken part. 

Step 3: Attach it again 

Step 4: You are done!

2. Custom Made Makeup Resistant


You can make a custom make-up resistant using some of your home materials.

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Just follow these below steps and you don't have to worry about your makeup.

Step 2: Mix Alovera

Step 3: Pour Essential Oil


1. Your Old Dress into Dating Clothes

Can't find a prefect dating outfit or some budget problem? Don't worry we have got a solution for you. You can create a custom made dress using few easy steps.

Steps: make a square cut on the back part of your dress.  

Step 2: Then split cut your front dress in two parts and that's it. 

Ready to rock the date!

You can have an amazing designer dress that we assure no one will believe even if you claim you made it yourself. Just recycle your old dresses into new one every time you are going on a date with your special one. 

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So, hope you enjoyed the article. Go out and set up a perfect date without worrying about any expensive setups or gifts. Just utilize the local product that you had in your home from a very longtime. Stay tuned and updated to find more intriguing articles and daily life hacks.