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Unveiling the Life of Marita Stavrou: Reggie Miller's Former Spouse

Published Sun Dec 31 2023 By Bsgurung
Unveiling the Life of Marita Stavrou: Reggie Miller's Former Spouse

Marita Stavrou is a renowned American actress and media personality who gained fame through early '90s entertainment shows like Family Matters and Strictly Business. Notably, she was married to former basketball player Reggie Miller from 1992 to 2001, attracting public attention during their high-profile divorce. 

Stavrou, known for her roles in films and television series, capitalized on her successful career. The divorce garnered significant media coverage, highlighting her substantial share of Reggie Miller's fortune. Despite the dissolution of her marriage, Marita Stavrou remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry with a diverse portfolio in acting and media.

Marita Stavrou's Marriage With Ex-Spouse, Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller's first wife, Marita Stavrou, met through Magic Johnson, a Wilhelmina model, and actress. Their August 1992 wedding was followed by a surprising post-nuptial agreement, causing disappointment. 

Reggie Miller kids
Image: Reggie Miller with his wife and three kids. Source: Twitter

Living in Los Angeles for her acting career by 1994, Stavrou navigated finding her identity beyond marriage. Their six-bedroom mansion was arsoned in 1997, attributed to cover up a burglary. Despite a reward increase of $17,000 for information, the culprits were not apprehended. 

Stavrou, a former model, transitioned her passion for design into a lifestyle design company, facing unfounded rumors of involvement in the arson. Valuables, including a $45,000 engagement ring, remained missing.

Why did Reggie Miller and Marita Stavrou get divorced? 

In August 2000, Reggie Miller filed for legal separation from his wife Marita Stavrou, coinciding with his $36 million contract renewal with the Indiana Pacers. Stavrou's lawyers deemed this financial move "devious." 

Their divorce, finalized on April 3, 2001, saw Stavrou receiving a $5 million lump sum as per their postnuptial agreement. Publicly contesting the settlement, insiders viewed it as an attempt to secure additional compensation. 

Transitioning from modeling, Stavrou founded Marita Stavrou Inc, a Miami-based lifestyle design company, showcasing her passion for design and antiques. Her portfolio includes collaborations with R. Simmons and the Lenny Kravitz Design Group, alongside philanthropic endeavors.

Ex-Spouse Reggie Miller Shares Three Children With New Wife, Laura Laskowski

Reggie Miller, after divorcing Marita Stavrou in 2001, married Laura Laskowski in 2003. The couple, parents to three children and an undisclosed baby girl born in January 2021, also mourned the loss of their 14-year-old German Shepherd, Sookie, in August 2022. 

Laura, a devoted mom, shares family milestones on social media, emphasizing her children's lives over personal details. Their son, Ryker, showcased his basketball skills at just eight, hitting a three-pointer.

Laskowski's Instagram is a glimpse into their family's major events, with no overt mention of her professional or private life beyond the family sphere.

Marita Stavrou is a Philanthropist

Marita Stavrou, leading a relatively private life post her high-profile divorce with Reggie Miller, sporadically appears in public. Alongside her low-key lifestyle, she runs Marita Stavrou Inc., a Miami-based lifestyle company. 

It specializes in elegant and sophisticated interior design for modern homes, art curation, and television production staging. Beyond her professional success, she is a committed philanthropist with a focus on empowering women globally.

Collaborating with the BBALP-Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project, Stavrou contributed to designing libraries in Africa. Additionally, she served as the director of the South Beach Atrium Condominium Association, Inc., showcasing her diverse interests and contributions.

Get To Know Her Ex-Husband, Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller, a former American professional basketball player, born on August 24, 1965, emerged as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history during his illustrious career primarily with the Indiana Pacers. 

Known for his sharpshooting prowess and clutch performances, Miller spent his entire 18-season NBA career with the Pacers, retiring in 2005 as the franchise's all-time leading scorer. 

A five-time NBA All-Star, Miller's impact extended beyond the court, marked by intense rivalries and iconic moments, including his role in the "Knick Killer" persona against the New York Knicks. Post-retirement, he transitioned into sports commentary, maintaining a lasting legacy in basketball history.

Marita Stavrou's Net Worth in 2023

Presently, Marita Stavrou boasts an estimated net worth of $10 million, primarily sourced from the $5 million divorce settlement she received from Reggie. 

Marita Stavrou ex-husband, Reggie.
Image: Reggie Miller and his ex-wife, Marita Stavrou. Source: Pinterest

Rather than extravagant spending, Stavrou wisely invested her settlement, resulting in a substantial current fortune. Balancing her role as a socialite and entrepreneur, she has cultivated financial success. 

In contrast, Reggie Miller, her ex-husband, commands a considerable net worth of $80 million, reflecting his prosperous career and diverse ventures.

How Tall is Marita Stavrou? 

Marita Stavrou possesses an attractive physique, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 62 kilograms. 

Complementing her stature, she showcases brown eyes and black hair.

Early Life 

Marita Stavrou, born on November 20, 1965, in the USA, is currently 57 years old with a Scorpio zodiac sign. While details about her parents, siblings, and childhood remain undisclosed, she holds American citizenship and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Stavrou has not disclosed specific information about her educational background, including the names of the institutions she attended.

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