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Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Claims Hammy TV Is By Far The Craziest Couple On Instagram!

Published Tue Aug 20 2019 By Travis
Vitaly Zdorovetskiy Claims Hammy TV Is By Far The Craziest Couple On Instagram!

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is giving a shout out to another crazy couple on Instagram, believe us, they are nuts!!!

Vitaly is known for posting some wild content on his Instagram, but he edits it down to small versions so he can funnel some viewers to his subscription-based website Vitaly Uncensored. Vitaly does post regularly on his Instagram page, he recently posted a video of himself playing with a tiger, but today it was just a story for his 2.9 million fans.

Vitaly runs a website which helped him build his immense fanbase and a massive net worth. But he is not shy about promoting other people on his Instagram page, which is exactly what he is doing to in his story today.

Vitaly's Instagram story.
Vitaly gives a shout out to Hammy TV on his Instagram page story.

Source: Instagram

The small story shows a brief video of another famous Instagram user who goes by the handle Hammy TV. In the video, Ryan Hamilton, the one who runs the Instagram account, is seen kissing his girlfriend really sloppy and then pinning her against the car and instigating sexual activity. The next edit shows Ryan shoving a banana into his girlfriend’s mouth while she is sleeping and wakes up screaming. Then the two are seen in the gym, with Mrs. Hamilton standing on top of a thigh exercise machine shaking her ass and Ryan getting excited in his sets. The final clip shows the couple getting down on the mat and engaging in sexual activity.

Just by the small and short clip, you can tell the two are crazy and are in love with each other. Vitaly was just giving a shout out to the couple who he things are the craziest couple on Instagram.

In another story, Vitaly tells his fans to follow Hammy TV because if they find Kinsey and Vitaly crazy, then these people are more than what they are. By the end of the clip, he says Ryan loves to eat ass but not as much as he does; finally, he ends the clip by saying he loves Ryan and all his followers should follow him.

Just go to their Instagram page, and you will see the couple engaged in some crazy sexual activity, nothing R-rated, but still, it is funny as hell. Check out the page and enjoy if this is the type of thing you love to see.

Mrs. Hammy TV writes in her bio she is soon to be Mrs. Hamilton, which means there will be wedding bells ringing soon for the couple. Going by how they treat each other, it won’t be a surprise if they decide to prank each other before they get married.

Vitaly giving a shout out to the couple from Hammy TV now makes us want the two couple to collaborate for a video. Vitaly and his almost two-year-old relationship with Kinsey Wolanski are going well, and it would be fun to see two of the craziest couple collaborate on some nasty pranks.

Check out both Hammy TV and Vitaly and if porn-prank is more of your thing then head on over to Vitaly Uncensored and sign up for $9.99 a month. Vitaly posts exclusive content on his site and he recently started a game show called, “Vitaly’s Big Ass Game Show,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

Ryan also gave a shout out to Vitaly in his story, complimenting on how much ass Vitaly eats. A collaboration is definitely happening people.

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