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10 Ways to Wear 2019’s Favorite Color

Published Wed Dec 05 2018 By
10 Ways to Wear 2019’s Favorite Color

It's time to let the past go and plan to move on life in 2019. One of the first things to start is with your dress styling with fabulous colors. Styling with color also plays the role in defining your personality.

If you want to go fancy then you can choose light and faint color.  As a matter of fact, if you want to add up boldness and gorgeousness you can go on heavy dark color. One has their own personal choice for selecting a color. But today I want to share ten those fabulous color that can make your 2019 as a lucky year. 

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Marigold Yellow

SOURCE: Pinterest

Marigold yellow will be definitely your favorite color if you are a fan of Beyonce. Beyonce has totally rocked it on the song Hold Up. The cool attire can surely steal your heart and you can style in your own way in the form of a gown, large skirts or simply copy the styling of the dress.

Cherry Red

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If you want to add extra spice with the hottest look in the coming year, then red can be your good choice. The flawless makeup with red lip sick adds even more beauty in the parties and other celebrations.

Flowery Lavender

SOURCE: Harpers Bazaar

Like the lavender flower, one can look cute as well pretty at the same time if you choose the dress accordingly to your style. You can wear lavender color a pair of cute jeans pants, jacket or simply the one piece or the plain gown.  

Olive Green

SOURCE: I want her style
Olive green is the best funky color that one can take up for the casual and bold style. This color can definitely add confidence and boldness to your personality. This is the most simple color that can match up dark color clothes. 

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Chocolate Brown

SOURCE: Refinery

Every one of us loves chocolate, don't we? The chocolate color can be for those people who love darker colors. The color can finely blend with the dress like the leather jacket, skirts, and jeans. One can go all plain chocolate brown dress up in evening parties.

 Lavish Marron


I wanna tell you secret today that, the marron color is my personal favorite color. Because it simply matches up with everything. If you want to go causal or funky or even luxurious trend, marron color helps you get suited to your wardrobe.

Buttermilk Yellow

SOURCE: Harper Bazar Australia

We believe this is particularly the fanciest color that can blend nature. The person with white complexion can have this color dress with flip and messy hair and can go on zero makeup.

Fuchsia Pink


In the color list, the fanciest color is pink. One may complain that it is the girliest color but we think that boys can even look fabulous and stylised in pink. This color is so peaceful that one can wear for the pleasant look in every dress and can look cute.

Powder Blue

SOURCE: Pinterest

Powdered blue is another peaceful color. one can simply go casual to wedding parties in this color. This color also represents simplicity and cuteness of your style. You can simply take the color for the lain saree, gown os short one piece.