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Terms on using Glamour Fame

Welcome to glamour fame, an online social news platform. Services embodied here is to provide the proper and verified use of the information about versatile celebrities or well know internet personalities inclusive of celebrity news, lifestyle, fashion, movies, and tv shows.

Terms for using the services granted by this platform need to meet the criteria of agreeing the virtual use of users information surrounded in the leap of policies pointed out in the privacy policy page verified on the bases of state policy and if the users find available terms far-out to their state's policy, then we may reach out to update or change our appointed policies.

Our service does not have any license to harm the rules and regulation set up by the policies hatched by the Service Act of the State and will be punished if found to be guilty.

Users have permits to comment on the individual articles only after it passes the filter section generated to remove any vulgarity, unrelated topics, racist another unreliable words which associate to breach the vulnerability of the platform.

If the user disagrees with the terms, you are not allowed the services provided by our website