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90 Day Fiance Star Colt Johnson's New Girlfriend Revealed!

Published Fri Jun 28 2019 By Amit Biswokarma
90 Day Fiance Star Colt Johnson's New Girlfriend Revealed!

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson's new girlfriend finally made her first public appearance! 

As of late, '90 Day Fiance' star Colt Johnson proudly let it be known that he's dating again, sharing a revealing photo.

At first, fans had speculated his new woman was a well-known face.

It turns out that the story behind his new girl is considerably funnier than anyone had guessed.

Colt Johnson was seen holding hands with new girl. (Source: Instagram Stories)

Before we get into this young lady’s identity, we may as well discuss how Colt broke the news.

Johnson shared this picture of himself driving close by this secret lady.

Colt made the picture of this woman available to the public via Instagram stories captioning it with the word, "crush."

But what really caught people's mind was who took the photo. The majority assumed it had to be Colt's mother, Debbie. Which suggested she must have sat in the middle of the back seat just to snap a photo of her adult son in traffic.

What’s more that presumably means this woman has Debbie's stamp of approval.

Colt Johnson Mother Debbie, too seems to be concurring with her son's new girlfriend. Source: Colt Instagram

Or perhaps she insisted Colt run all of his future women of interest past her before he invites them into her house.

Whatever the case, some fans wondered if she was the glasses-wearing waitress witnessed on 90 Day Fiance. 

Someone on social media has now claimed to know the identity of Colt's new love interest.

Soap Dirt caught a screen capture of what the purported source has to say.

"It's my sister-in-law's a pair's friend from Chicago," the source claims.

Colt Johnson Spotted with new girl. (Source: Colt Instagram) 

And this person entailed a picture as evidence.

The informant reveals she knows Colt’s deal and she's doing it for the gag.

The source also affirms of Debbie’s 100% attendance on their date. The source mentions the girl as Brazilian!"

There's still a lot that fans are unaware of Colt's cheating scandal.

Now, people, of course, cannot confirm the accusations made on social media, even if they came with supporting pictures.

The Sources claims new girl of Colt Johnson is familiar. (Source: Anonymous)

The reality; Colt's date was just that -- a date; not relationship material.

But Colt will probably and eventually find another love if he continues to keep putting himself in the game.

Colt Johnson wedded Larissa dos Santos back in June 2018. That, however, was ended in May of this year. Johnson’s plead for summary disposition of separation filing, appealed April 29, stated: “the parties have reviewed and signed (along with their attorneys) the Stipulation and Order for Decree of Divorce, which resolves all matters related to the Complaint.”

This was nearly 11 months after their marriage.