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A Day in the Life of Jude Malcolm Yeun: Steven Yeun's Little Star

Published Wed Jan 31 2024 By Oliver
A Day in the Life of Jude Malcolm Yeun: Steven Yeun's Little Star

Jude Malcolm Yeun is the son of actor Steven Yeun and photographer Joana Pak. He was born on March 17, 2017. Jude is the eldest child of the couple, who married in December 2016 after seven years together. Jude's parents have kept his life private and away from the public spotlight.

About Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun, a South Korean-American actor renowned for his versatile roles in both television and film, garnered widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Glenn Rhee in the hit TV series "The Walking Dead" from 2010 to 2016.

Steven Yeun is in the picture.
Steven Yeun is a renowned actor.
Image Source: IMDb

Apart from his notable stint on "The Walking Dead," Yeun has graced various other film and television projects. He notably starred in the acclaimed movie "Burning" (2018), directed by Lee Chang-dong, further solidifying his reputation with a stellar performance. 

Additionally, Yeun has contributed his voice to animated ventures, notably as the character Mark Grayson in the Amazon Prime series "Invincible".

Beyond his acting endeavors, Steven Yeun has actively advocated for Asian representation in media and has been vocal about promoting diversity and inclusion within the entertainment industry.

Movies and TV Shows

Steven Yeun has appeared in various movies and TV shows. Some of his notable works include:


  1. Okja (2017)
  2. Sorry to Bother You (2018)
  3. Burning (2018)
  4. The Humans (2021)
  5. Nope (2022)

TV Shows

  1. The Walking Dead as Glenn
  2. Invincible as Mark Grayson
  3. Tuca & Bertie as the voice of Speckle
  4. Beef as Danny Cho

Steven Yeun is an American actor known for his diverse career in both movies and TV shows. He rose to prominence for his role as Glenn Rhee in the television series The Walking Dead

He started his career in improv and sketch comedy in Chicago, training at the prestigious Second City before moving to Hollywood. 

What Is Steven Yeun's Net Worth?

Steven Yeun's net worth is estimated to be $5 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. His fortune is attributed to his successful acting career, including his role in "The Walking Dead" and the critically acclaimed film "Minari".

During his first year at Kalamazoo College, he developed a passion for theater and improvisation. He joined the college's improv group and, upon graduating, persuaded his parents to support his decision to pursue a full-time career in performance. 

After moving to Chicago, Illinois, he became part of Second City Improv before relocating to Los Angeles. His move paid off when he landed a guest-starring role on "The Big Bang Theory" and later secured the role of Glenn on "The Walking Dead," which catapulted his career.

Jude Malcolm Yeun's Parents' Marriage and Love Life

Steven Yeun is married to Joana Pak. They got engaged in August 2015 and tied the knot on December 3, 2016, at the historic Paramour Estate in Los Angeles. The couple has two children, a son named Jude Malcolm, born in March 2017, and a daughter, born in April 2019. 

Steven Yeun and Joana Pak are in the picture.
Steven Yeun is married to Joana Pak.
Image Source: US Weekly

They have chosen to keep their relationship relatively private, with Pak not being very active on social media. The couple's love story began when they first met through a chance interaction in Chicago and eventually reconnected a year later, they have been together since then.

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What Was Steven Yeun's First Acting Role?

In 2010, Steven Yeun started his TV acting journey by playing Sebastian in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" called "Staircase Implementation". This was his first time on TV, where he showed his acting skills in a special guest role on the well-known sitcom. 

This early chance helped Yeun get noticed in the TV industry and set the stage for his future roles. It was a crucial moment in his career, giving him a chance to shine and get noticed by viewers and people in the entertainment business.

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