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Ashton Meem Divorced Her Husband Russell Wilson - Is She Currently Dating Someone?

Published Mon Oct 14 2019 By Travis
Ashton Meem Divorced Her Husband Russell Wilson - Is She Currently Dating Someone?

Ashton Meem was not a known personality, and outside of her friends and family, no one would’ve known who she is, but the fact we do is because of her relationship with the Super Bowl champion, leader of the Seattle Seahawks and the highest-paid player in NFL. She was the high school sweetheart of Russell Wilson and got married when he made it pro.

Ashton was born on 6 September 1987 to her parents, father Lang Meem and mother Molly in Virginia. She spent most of her childhood there, and she attended St. Catherine High School. She met Russell while in high school, he was going to school in Virginia also the two fell in love while in school.

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem.
Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem met in high school and fell in love.

Source: Biographics World

The former wife of Russell Wilson went to the University of Georgia but then moved to North Carolina State University, where Russell was playing on the football team. But he moved to Wisconsin the next year and then the committed to the 2012 NFL Draft where he was selected by Seattle Seahawks in the third round. This was also the year when the Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson got married.

The Long Relationship and Short Marriage of Ashton and Russell

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson dancing during their marriage.

Like mentioned above the duo met a long time ago and while still in high school the two fell in love which continued to his senior year and even though the two were in different colleges for three years they kept on working on their relationship which resulted in the couple reuniting for a year in NC State and the two got together after he moved to Seattle to play for the Seahawks.

The player’s career was skyrocketing all of a sudden despite most of the pundits calling him too short to play the quarterback position instead he led the team to the playoffs and won one playoff match. The same year, in January the player married his high school sweetheart in January of 2012.

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson
Ashton got divorced in 2014, after two years of marriage.

Source: International Business Times

The relationship was long between the two, but they got married in 2012, well, it seems the long relationship took everything out of their love life, which is why the two separated in 2014. After only two years of marriage, Russell filed for divorce.

Getting Divorced

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson

In 2014 the Russell Wilson filed for divorce from his wife of two years, and there were rumors circulating at the time Ashton and Golden Tate, another player on Seahawks, were getting close, and some even reported Ashton cheated on Russell the wide receiver.

Golden Tate left the Seahawks in 2014, and he tried to explain the whole situation, but the whole rumor seems to be unfounded. Ashton did not say a thing, and Russell also kept quiet about the whole situation, which is why we are not certain for the reason of the high school sweethearts getting divorced.

Is Ashton Dating Anyone After Her Divorce?

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson

After the whole debacle of her marriage with Russell ending in a fiery heap of rumor and infidelity, she started to keep everything to herself. Ashton stayed away from social media and also took her life away from the attention of the media. When it comes to her relationship, the ex-wife of Russell Wilson seems to be living a single life.

On the other hand, after a year of his divorce, the playmaker for Seattle started to date the singer Ciara in 2015. The two got close, and soon, they were engaged and got married only four months after their engagement. The couple tied the knot on 6 July 2016, and on 28 April 2017, their first child, a daughter Sienna Princess Wilson was born.

Russell Wilson with his hand over the pregnant belly of Ciara
Russell Wilson and Ciara got married and welcomed their first child together, in 2017.

Source: Oprah Magazine

Russell is also the step-father of Ciara’s first child, Future Zahir, who is the son of rapper Future, with whom the R&B singer was engaged for a year. Russell and Ciara seem to be doing great in their relationship while Ashton is getting on with her life.

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