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Did Aubrey O'Day Get Plastic Surgery? Find All the Facts Here!

Published Tue Oct 15 2019 By Travis
Did Aubrey O'Day Get Plastic Surgery? Find All the Facts Here!

Aubrey O’Day is a singer, Instagram model, and a former girl band member who made her career with the group 'Danity Kane.' But soon, the singer was out of the group, and she was working as a model and also started on her own solo career.

Born on 11 February 1984 in San Francisco, California, little Aubrey wanted to become a singer from a young age, and she was hired as part of the group Danity Kane by Diddy, but then due to trouble with her bandmates and the group’s mentor, Diddy, she was fired from the group. She returned for two reunions in 2013 and 218, but she is also a member of the band 'Dumblonde,' which was formed in 2015 with her Danity Kane bandmate Shannon Bex.

The singer’s been in the public’s eye for a long time and most of her fans know her from head to toe which is why there were rumors she went under the knife. There are more and more plastic surgery rumors around the singer, and it all stemmed from her recent Instagram posting, which couldn’t be far from how she used to look only a few years ago.

Plastic Surgery Claims

Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey was only 21 years old when she hit the music scene and started to make a name for herself. The thin-lipped, slim figured singer was beautiful to look at, and she possessed an even more beautiful voice, but now all of a sudden, she looks like a crazy puffed up wax figure of herself from the past.

The change is noticeable which is why most fans are saying she went under the knife. It almost looks like she got some surgery to put some oomph on her lips and give herself a curved figure by getting her butt enlarged. But the thing is there is no way of proving whether her beauty and her newfound persona is the result of her working out in the gym or by help from a doctor. Well, except for the eye test, there is no way to tell whether she went under the knife or just looks naturally like this as she explains by “knowing all the tricks.”

Almost all of her fanbase is convinced she got, at the least, lip fillers and Botox but then there is the singer herself who claims she is all-natural like Kylie used to be when asked about her plastic surgeries and then later admitted to getting her lips done, but it not only the lips in her case just like it is not for Aubrey.

Defending Herself, Claiming She is All Natural

Side by side image of Aubrey O’Day in 2007 and 2017.

The rumor of her getting work done on her body is not something new; this was the same thing people were saying back in 2011 when she looked slightly different. At the time, she said, “My makeup — how much or how little I have on — is constantly affecting the way people see me in regards to everybody thinking I’ve had plastic surgery.” There was a slight chance she was getting work done then, but it wasn’t as apparent as it is now.

But again, when people came up with allegations of plastic surgery, she came to her defense. She said talked about knowing all the tricks but then said she is fine with her body and doesn’t need anything to make herself beautiful.

Side by side image of Aubrey O’Day in 2006 and 2016.
Aubrey claims she never went under the knife and all of her body is natural.

Source: Life and Style Mag

Aubrey said, “I wish I was youthful in regards to my energy. I can’t do Barry’s Bootcamp twice a day anymore. As I get older, there’s so much pressure on women to be skinny or to have tinier bodies and every little inch that I gain I’m so affected by it, and I’ve gotten to a place that I’m like, I’m healthy, I don’t take drugs, I barely drink, I exercise every day and I feel mentally happy. I don’t need anything other than what I’m doing because it’s working for me.”

The Verdict

Side by side image of Aubrey O’Day in 2007 and 2017.

If you ask her over 900k fans on Instagram, most of them who will give an honest opinion will tell you she went under the knife. No trickery with makeup is going to make her pout look like it does now, and you need to be super dedicated with squats to even get her glutes to half the size they are right now.

So, in our honest opinion, she went and got plastic surgery, but you can see the photos above and decide for yourself whether she went under the knife or not.

Side by side image of Aubrey O’Day in 2007 and 2017.
No amount of makeup is going to make her lips look so different as they do in the 10 years apart pictures.

Source: Life and Style Mag

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