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August Manning Weatherly: Unveiling The Life Of Michael Weatherly's Son

Published Tue Nov 28 2023 By Bsgurung
August Manning Weatherly: Unveiling The Life Of Michael Weatherly's Son

August Manning Weatherly, eldest son of renowned actor Michael Weatherly, maintains a private life despite his father's showbiz fame. This article delves into the elusive figure, exploring basic facts about August and his family background. 

Despite the celebrity status of Michael Weatherly, August chooses to stay out of the public eye, making details about his life a subject of curiosity. This brief piece aims to shed light on the lesser-known aspects of August Manning Weatherly's life, respecting his preference for privacy amidst the glitz and glamour associated with his famous father.

Is August Manning Weatherly Single or Dating? 

August Manning Weatherly maintains a secretive profile, keeping details of his life undisclosed, leaving certain aspects shrouded in mystery. His private lifestyle offers limited insights, and his relationship status, whether single or married, remains uncertain.

August Manning WEatherly family
Image: Young August Manning Weatherly with his parents and sister. Source; Hola

While the possibility of future revelations about his personal life exists, as of now, August appears dedicated to his career, navigating a solo journey with a focus on professional endeavors. 

August Manning Weatherly Parents Love Life

Michael Weatherly, a two-time-married actor, first wed actress Amelia Heinle in 1995, resulting in the birth of their son August Manning Weatherly in 1996. 

The marriage ended in 1997. His second marriage began in 2009 to Serbian writer Bojana Jankovic, with whom he shares a son, Liam, and a daughter, Olivia. Michael briefly dated Jessica Alba post-divorce and engaged in 2001, but they separated in 2003. 

He had prior relationships with models Vanessa Marra and Rachel Hunter. Since 2003, Michael Weatherly remained single until finding enduring love with Bojana Jankovic, dispelling any signs of divorce in their lasting marriage.

Why They Got Divorced? 

Actors Michael Weatherly and Amelia Heinle, who co-starred in Loving/The City, married in February 1995. Their union brought forth a son, August Manning Weatherly, born on January 10, 1996.

Despite some time together, the couple decided to part ways, finalizing their divorce in 1997, and ending their marital journey. 

Though no longer husband and wife, both Michael Weatherly and Amelia Heinle continue to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry through their acting careers.

Father Michael Weatherly Movies and TV Shows

Michael Weatherly, known for his role as Anthony DiNozzo in "NCIS" from 2003-2016, transitioned from his initial appearance in "Dark Angel" (2000). In 2017, he took the lead in "Bull" as Dr. Jason Bull, a trial scientist specializing in jury selection. 

Michael Weatherly Movies
Image: Michael Weatherly with his co-stars. Source; UPI

Despite his success, Weatherly's son, August, once questioned his father about playing supporting roles, prompting Michael to acknowledge his comfort in the "number two slot." 

This candid reflection highlights Weatherly's contentment in diverse roles, even if they don't always place him as the central character, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.

August Manning Weatherly Movies and TV Shows

August Manning Weatherly, the private eldest son of celebrity parents Michael Weatherly and Amelia Heinle, has occasionally made headlines due to his strong resemblance to his famous father, known for his role in "NCIS." 

Despite leading a discreet life, August's mother, Amelia, has shared photos showcasing his striking resemblance to Michael. Fans have expressed admiration for August's handsome features, noting the uncanny likeness to his father. 

While August keeps a low profile, occasional glimpses into his life, highlighted by his mother, spark fan admiration for the family's shared good looks and maintain public interest in this private figure.

August Manning Weatherly Net Worth

As of now, August Manning Weatherly's exact net worth and profession remain unknown. 

However, his father, Michael Weatherly, boasts significant popularity and a substantial fan following. Michael Weatherly has amassed a noteworthy net worth of $45 million as of 2023, complemented by an annual salary of $10 million

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