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Below Deck Mediterranean Added Several New Cast Members; Get All The Details Here!

Published Wed Sep 11 2019 By Sea
Below Deck Mediterranean Added Several New Cast Members; Get All The Details Here!

Reality show 'Below Deck' on Bravo TV still has some time to come back with its seventh season. But the fans are getting enough of the sea for right now too, with its spin-off series 'Below Deck Mediterranean' for its fourth season. The Mediterranean crew is cruising in the South of France on the 154.20ft Superyacht Sirocco, and their journey is almost at its end.

The crew was updated almost entirely for this season as only four of the last season's members came back this year. Only one of them have been in the series in its entirety.

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This means six of the current crew are new faces for this trip. One of the six faces was left. Ten members were thus reduced to 9, but one more was added. The added member became redundant and was let go when a Chef came as a replacement for the one that left, returning to the sea, following his exit after Season 1. The ship's current Captain joined in Season 2 and is steering the crew to the end of the journey set for September 16, before the reunion show later.

Here's the intro to who the Season 4 crew members are. (If you're a first-timer, the Captain may come as a shock. And most of them have appeared at least once in 'Watch What Happens: Live', which, of course, is not new.

1. Sandy Yawn - The Captain

We start off with the lucky Captain of this luxurious yacht. She may not look like much, but Sandy Yawn is extremely successful in the yacht business. Her dress up in the Captain's dress and hat will convince fans that she has around 30 years of experience of chartering yachts from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

Born on February 23, 1965, The Captain came in the show to captain the yacht in its season two in 2017. She's been with the show ever since. Of the handful of female captains, she is one of those with the history of both professional and personal obstacles on the path of her career as well as the records of overcoming them.

Beside the Below Deck Mediterranean show, she previously appeared on 'Home & Family', 'Kiki Mobile' and 'Steve Harvey' to participate in their show. And, she has a girlfriend by the name of Leah Shafer.

2. Hannah Ferrier - The Original Member

Yes, Hannah Ferrier is the only member of the cast to have been with the Below Deck Mediterranean team for all of its seasons. Which means she's seen it all as Chief Stew; every crazy thing to happen on the show and everyone come or go.

The Australian was near the sea in her early life, being born in Sydney on November 23, 1986, but found the love for it only later. She traveled on yachts after realizing she wanted to do it when vacationing in Europe. Now on the luxurious ninth trip as a Stewardess, she is focusing on her work and leaving her love life behind.

The 32-year-old also appeared on 'Steve Harvey' show with the Captain.

3. Colin Macy-O'Toole - From Last Season #1

One of the two members returning from their first trip in season 3, Colin Macy-O'Toole is the Deckhand again and living his life again. He possesses a degree in Music, and it's his passion, but the love for the sea is also equally matched.

The 'Momma’s boy' is originally from Long Island, New York. The music degree is from Shenandoah University after he graduated in 2010. You should listen to some of his covers. They could be considered quite a talent for him.

Colin lived & grew up around boats, and he's been working deckhand since he was 15 years old. When not sailing with the Mediterranean crew, he likes to peek his head in at the Fire Island ferries to be the Ferry/Port Captain in charge of all the comings and goings. Only a side interest, though.

4. João Franco - From Last Season #2

The second one on his second consecutive trip with the crew is the Bosun, João Franco. He had to spend his childhood when there was an ongoing stint of political strife and corruption in Zimbabwe. To avoid that, he worked for a boat captain. It was the start of a rapid and successful career on the water.

The first season was a time for him to make mistakes and learn from them. He was involved in a love triangle situation with one Brooke Laughton and Colin. Of course, he was already in a relationship with Brooke at the time Colin confessed to her. Things ended badly though, and Brooke didn't join the crew this season.

While Colin is reportedly single, Joao already moved on with his new girlfriend, Michelle Dicu, who he met when dating Brooke.

5. Aesha Scott - The New Face #1

The Second Stew, Aesha Scott, grew up with four brothers and a sister. You can imagine the ruckus at home with the siblings. But she was the adventurous type, and even if the sea was never the target, she was drawn to yachting. As is her intense personality, she was never looked back at her old life as she became completely immersed in the industry.

Enjoyable as well as fierce by nature, whatever she ends up doing, only one thing matters - having as much fun as she can. Before being a stewardess, she worked Deckhand; she loves doing both of them. Still, she has a higher preference of working around guests, friends and fellow crew.

On the part of her fieriness, she has recently been in a social media feud with Joao. She blocked him from her accounts, but he still claims they are good friends.

6. Travis Michalzik - The New Face #2

This guy is a High School dropout. Travis Michalzik only left study to find what he is really passionate about. It was just from hearsay, but after doing a lot of odd jobs and various courses, he got a deckhand job on a sailing yacht.

Growing up in Perth, Australia should have been the push he needed to reach for the sea, but his interest arose only when he was willing to take it up. For the past eight years now, he's been a party boy 'yachtie' with a work hard, play harder attitude.

On the 'Below Deck Med' show too, he is a Deckhand and wants his fellow crew to keep up with him and his skills. He is appreciative of other people's good work ethic and sharp communication skills.

7. Jack Stirrup - The New Face #3

Jack Stirrup is another free-spirited Deckhand. What's more impressive is that he's an engineer and worked in the Merchant Navy before entering the world of yachting. He brought his skills onto the deck.

Not only that, the Liverpool born is also pretty suave with the ladies without making an effort. He does do it sometimes; like the time he wrote Aesha a raunchy love letter.

8. Mila Kolomeitseva - The New Face That Left #1

At the beginning of the show, Mila Kolomeitseva was the first female Chef in the history of 'Below Deck' series. As the series went one, she became known as the worst Chef in the 'Below Deck Med' history.

Originally from Siberia, the daughter of a school teacher stunned the crew members when she discussed how she supported Russian President Vladimir Putin. She attended the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris and immediately got a job as a private chef on a small boat. She loves the sea, but this season was not the one for her to explore the South of France completely in late June.

The Captain was in good terms with her at first as they connected well. But the incidents that would follow on the show made her leave the crew and leave France altogether. A bad food poisoning case and a hostile cab ride was the beginning. She was isolated, and when she was demoted in her own kitchen, it got worse. She confronted the Captain but got nothing out of it, and she was seen no more. His resume was considered a lie by the Captain and the new chef who discusses it just this week.

9. Anastasia Surmava - The New Face #4

Anastasia Surmava originally joined the crew as the 'Third Stew' and then got her role changed (promoted?) to Chef in the galley kitchen before stepping down to go back to her choice of the former position.

This talented chef revealed, in the course of the show, that she was born in the Republic of Georgia and raised by her pastry chef mother. Her mother remarried and relocated to the US when she was two years old. A young captain introduced her to the life at sea as she started dating him. She became a yachting chef back then but now is single.

One thing people seem to not notice clearly is her tattoo in Devanagari on her right wrist. 'अहिंसा' means non-violence. It shows in her work since she is known for her strong work ethic and perfectionist approach. Even Joao, who was skeptical of her skills in the kitchen earlier, praised her work. She opened a cafe in Sri Lanka, and it could be guessed she visits the south Asian countries quite often, explaining the Devanagari inscription on her hand.

The humble Anastasia was poised to be the Chef should Mila somehow get axed. Exactly that happened, but she quit the post to go back to being a stewardess. A new but familiar face was introduced to manage the havoc in the kitchen.

10. Ben Robinson Returns

This is the guy that was a member of the original season one crew of 'Below Deck Med'. Ben Robinson left after the first season of the spin-off, having been a part of the original 'Below Deck' series for its first four seasons. He wanted to focus on his personal career, which was quite successful.

The Chef's return was not at the beginning of the show though. He only recently entered after Mila was let go by the Captain, and everything was left in perils without a lead chef. He retained his Chef status in times of peril at sea, when Anastasia stepped down from the position.

The Oxford, England born was a full-time chef, running a catering company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After working under Italian master chefs in Florence and 'The Fat Duck' in the UK, he joined the yacht industry as a head chef. His working experience in the field is 15 years and thus, certainly has the quality to keep everything together.

The 38-year-old (born: December 30, 1980) is also a certified Health Coach with specialization in cancer, addiction and weight loss.

11. June Foster - The New Face That Left #2

Chef Mila left towards the end of June when she didn't get what she wanted. Then, Anastasia Surmava was promoted to the kitchen from her third stew position. Consequently, Chief Stew, Hannah, was shorthanded and needed some extra help. Appropriately, June Foster was brought in to fill in the void of Third Stewardess in June. Her first appearance was in the July 15 episode, and despite being a yachting rookie, she was fully prepared for the job.

In the preview clip for the episode, her resume stated that she was trained and certified by both Royal Yachting Association and the Superyacht Crew Academy. She'd been yachting since January 2018. She is an adventurous type and has traveled all around the world. She's also a writer with the book, 'The Girl and the Golden Leaf' released in 2018.

The time with the crew was short for her though. As Anastasia stepped down from the kitchen, she was an extra. Moreover, Ben came and made her presence all the more redundant. The Captain had to let her go. In the 12th episode (August 19), the surprising departure was presented. It was difficult for the Captain and wanted to make it clear that it was not because she isn't a good person. She is, but they just had no room on the deck.

June is indeed a strong woman as she was quick to let it all go and get over it. She bore no ill will against the Captain or the crew. She immediately got a volunteering gig on a 1930's sailboat on the coast of Ischia. She would be working as an assistant researcher for a month, and it seems she is only a week away from the completion of the research.