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Breaking Bad's Todd Actor Jesse Plemons - How Much Weight Did He Gain in El Camino?

Published Tue Oct 15 2019 By Travis
Breaking Bad's Todd Actor Jesse Plemons - How Much Weight Did He Gain in El Camino?

After years of waiting, Breaking Bad movie finally arrived on the small as well as the big screen, and it was all we hoped for, the answer to the question of what happened to 'Jesse Pinkman' after he escaped the compound of the Neo-Nazis. Jesse got the fate he deserved, and the story was a great addition to the already illustrious series 'Breaking Bad.'

This article will contain some spoilers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, so turn away if you are waiting to see the movie.

Watch: The trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie currently streaming on Netflix

The best aspect of the movie was the continuation of the story after six years of the series going off the air in 2013. It was nice to see Jesse Pinkman back on the screen, but the person who stole all the scenes he appeared in was Todd, the sadistic killer from the final season of Breaking Bad. The problem with his flashback appearance in the movie was there was some continuation problem. The actor, Jesse Plemons, playing the character, 'Todd,' was fat and it was noticeable and a drastic change from his role in the show six years ago.

How Much Weight He Gain in El Camino, and What was the Reason for the Gain?

Jesse Plemons as Jesse in the train robbery scene of Breaking Bad.

First things first, the movie went on the floor after six years of the wrapping of the series in 2013, most of all the actors involved in the show got old and with age comes other changes to the body. When the series was going on actor Jesse Plemons was 25 years old, he was starting out in his career, and when he was asked to come back to the movie, he was 30-31 years old.

By the time the movie started filming, and now we are getting to see it, the actor seems to be about 30-35 pounds heavier than the time he played Todd in 2013. But there is a reason for the actor gaining weight and not being able to lose it.

Jesse Plemons at the Game Night premiere.
Jesse Plemons gained some weight in between the Breaking Bad series and movie.

Source: Variety

In between the series and the movie, the actor went through a lot of transformation and worked in multiple projects. This was the reason why he was fat in the Breaking Bad film; he gained weight for the Johnny Depp movie 'Black Mass' which was released two years after he was done playing Todd.

It wasn’t the only movie he was part of where he needed to carry weight, in the Miniseries 'Fargo,' he played a fat character, which is why he was unable to lose weight. Then he appeared in another limited series 'Black Mirror' where, in series four’s first episode 'USS Callister,' he played a fat game developer. The weight went perfectly with the role, which is why there was no reason to trim down.

Jesse Plemons
Jesse Plemons gained weight for movie roles and it carried over in Breaking Bad movie.

Source: Celebrity Cardboard Cutouts

Then the actor appeared in the Christian Bale starrer 'Vice' where again he was slightly overweight for the character, and then he was hired in 'The Irishman' where he will most probably be sporting a gut. Most of all the characters he played since the ending of Breaking Bad, involved him sporting a heavier body frame. So, when the Breaking Bad movie came along, there wasn’t enough time for the actor to trim down healthily and get to the place where he was six years ago.

Some “Fans” Were Cruel About the Actor Gaining Weight

Jesse Plemons and fiance Kristen Dunst.

Internet is a gutter, well, not the internet, specifically social media and mainly Twitter and in some parts Reddit. Reddit is strict on the hate policy, so most people don’t get away with saying hateful things, which is nice. But Twitter, on the other hand, is the worst place on planet earth where anonymous people can say anything they want, whether it is nice or not.

After the movie was released on Netflix, most of the fans were praising the actors for their portrayal, and then there were few who were keen to get some virtual points by talking hideous things about the actor Jesse Plemons.

There could be various factors, which prompt people to get fat and not be able to lose weight, and what we see from the outside is just a fraction of what a person is going through in real life. Shaming people for their weight without knowing what they are going through can harm their self-esteem and, most specifically, their mental health.

Fat or obese person is, most of the time, insecure and finding it hard to fit in, and people saying mean things is only going to perpetuate harm. The actor said he gained the weight for a part and still there were few who were keen to body-shame the actor. Well, thank god, not all the fans are hideous because most of the fans came to the defense of the actor and talked about the amazing acting he did in the movie.

Jesse Plemons Character Todd was the Winner in the Movie

Jesse Plemons

The actor portrayed the character of Todd perfectly, showing compassion as well as his psychotic nature in the opening hour of the film and while all the cameos in the movie were great, Jesse’s presence as Todd was menacing and equally terrifying and shed light into the fact why Jesse Pinkman was so afraid and unable to run away from his captors.

The whole plot of the Breaking Bad movie and the things Pinkman did in the film were in direct relation with the situations which befell the character in the flashbacks at the hands of Todd and most fans were appreciative of the fact the actor didn’t miss a beat coming back to the character and playing it to perfection.

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