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Brooke Baldwin Call It Quits With CNN After 13 Years

Published Wed Feb 17 2021 By Bran
Brooke Baldwin Call It Quits With CNN After 13 Years

After working for CNN as one of the most ambitious journalists for the past 13 years, Brooke Baldwin is finally leaving.

The longtime CNN Newsroom anchor, Brooke Baldwin, just made a huge announcement on how she is going to resign from the network after working the past 13 years. It was yesterday on the 3 PM ET show when the television personality disclosed how she is living in April 2021.

It was before starting the show, Brooke Baldwin said, 'before we get going, I want to start with some personal news.' The artist further added, 'I will be leaving CNN in April.' To build her case on calling it quits, the diva gave an emotional speech when Baldwin said how she joined the network in 2008 - in the middle of the Great Recession as a freelancer. 

Brooke Baldwin caught on the camera while presenting the news.

Brooke Baldwin is leaving CNN by April 2021.
Photo Source: CNN

Brooke Baldwin's dream from the day she joined CNN was to make her temporary job into becoming a full-time CNN correspondent. Interestingly, the celebrity journalist did admit to writing a name on a Post-It note and stuck it outside her temporary office. 

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Upon revealing her future plans, Brooke Baldwin admitted how she isn't jumping on a new job straight away. In fact, the longtime journalist even disclosed how she is feeling extremely vulnerable right now. In addition to that, the television star did open on how she is 'amplifying the lives of extraordinary Americans and putting her passion for storytelling to good use.' 

Brooke Baldwin caught on the camera while presenting the news in CNN.

Brooke Baldwin worked at CNN for 13 long years.
Photo Source: CNN

Brooke Baldwin's professional journey in the media industry has been nothing short of inspiring. It all dates way back to 2001 when the ambitious woman joined WVIR-TV to start it all before joining WOWK-TV in Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia. 

Brooke Baldwin poses a picture in a black dress.

Brooke Baldwin tested positive for COVID-19 in April 2020.
Photo Source: Deadline

Upon joining CNN in 2008, she covered some great events to strengthen her portfolio, such as the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, President Obama's second inauguration in 2013. Not many know, but Brooke Baldwin even hosted a town hall in Washington D.C, which helped her to become a finalist in Peabody Award. Earlier in January 2017, the television personality even covered President Trump's inauguration. 

The past year was quite rusty on Brooke Baldwin since the longtime CNN servant needed to take some time off after testing positive for COVID-19 in April 2020.

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