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Brooke Daniels' Lesbian Relationship with Hollywood Actress Catherine Bell - How Long Have They Been Dating?

Published Sun Oct 13 2019 By Travis
Brooke Daniels' Lesbian Relationship with Hollywood Actress Catherine Bell - How Long Have They Been Dating?

Brooke Daniells is a photographer, a pretty good photographer to be fair, someone who’s received numerous award recognition and her work featured on magazine covers. Brooke was born on 30 June 1986 and was taken in by the show business and the modeling business early on in her life.

The actress/model was only 19 years old when she got her first video short and then a TV show which led her to become a model and then soon she was taking photos. By this time she also got married to her husband and the duo was responsible for bringing two kids into the world as well.

But the relationship was not to be as the two got divorced and went their separate ways and it is when she met and fell in love with Catherine Bell.

Brooke Daniels and Her Relationship with Actress Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell was also a married woman; she was married to her husband Adam Beason with whom she tied the knot in 1994. She met her husband in 1992 on a movie set and the two got married two years after. The duo gave birth to their first child, a daughter Gemma in 2003 and then their son, Ronan, was born in 2010. But the relationship between the husband and wife was not to be with the couple getting a divorce in 2011.

The same year was the time when she and Brooke Daniels fell in love with each other. Brooke came out as a bisexual in 2012 and the two were rumored to be dating only at the point but it seems the duo is serious about pursuing their relationship.

Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniels got into a relationship in 2012.

Source: Hallmark Channel

They’ve been together since and though they do not make public appearances, we can confirm the two are still in a relationship and in love with each other.

How is the Relationship between Brooke Daniels and Catherine Bell?

Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniels got into a relationship.

Source: Biographics World

The duo shares a loving relationship, considering they both are failures in their marriage and the fact they’ve got two children each of their own, means, there is a whole lot common between the two. Catherine is also a member of the church of Scientology which requires all of the partners of the members to be also the member of the church which is why Brooke is also a member of the cult/church, however, you want to describe it.

The couple also moved in together in 2014 when Bell opened up her bank account to buy a ranch house in Hidden Hills in the western suburbs of Los Angeles. The house cost the former actress of JAG $2.05 million and the couple moved into the 1.2-acre secluded house.

Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniels moved into their house on Hidden Hills.

Source: Variety

They are not married or engaged which means they are only in a relationship but considering it’s been more than seven years since the duo met, they seem to be happy with the type of relationship they share.

The Career of Brooke Daniels

Brooke Daniels

Brooke started her career with a short stint on a TV series which led her to a movie Change of Life while she also continued on being a model. She appeared in two more movies and then the change of career which brought her to photography.

Brooke got awarded for her work even getting a Lifetime Achievement Award which she was presented with, in 2017. While her photography school is also considered to be the best in the mid-Atlantic, she’s achieved a lot in her short career.

Watch: The promotional trailer of Brooke Daniels Photography

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