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Does Burgess Abernethy Have a Wife? Learn About His Relationship Status!

Published Mon Oct 28 2019 By Travis
Does Burgess Abernethy Have a Wife? Learn About His Relationship Status!

Burgess Abernethy is known to the fans all over the world as the actor who appeared in the hit Australian show 'H2O: Just Add Water.' He played the character of 'Zane Bennett' in over 50 episodes of the series and made his name by playing the character in the series.

The 'H2O' actor was born on 21 February 1987 in Gold Coast, Australia, where he hoped one day of making it in the show business. After finishing his education, the actor decided to try his hand in acting and then got his break in the show 'BeastMaster.' He appeared in one episode of the show in 2000 while he was still in high school and returned to acting when he was done with his studies.

Burgess Abernathy trying to eat his dog as a joke.
Burgess Abernethy is an actor who made his career on the show H2O: Just Add Water.

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Burgess formally started his career in 2007 with the soap opera 'Home and Away,' where he appeared as 'Sean Evans' in two episodes in 2007 and one episode in 2008. While the actor was involved in getting his acting career going, he was also busy in his love life to make sure his personal life is also healthy.

The Relationship Between Burgess Abernethy and Jordan Loukas

Jordan Loukas

Jordan Loukas is a fashion model born on 14 February 1990 in Sydney, Australia. She became a model after getting her education and made her way to the third position of 'Australia’s Next Top Model.' Considering how she was almost dumped during the casting of the show because of her height, it seems to be fated for Jordan, who made it and made an impression on the show.

The success of 'Australia’s Next Top Model' allowed her to get a lot of work opportunities, which included a massive spread over eight pages long. She also made an appearance in the show 'Runway to LA,' and in 2009, she was chosen over 3,000 applicants for the hosting duties of 'Channel V.'

Jordan Loukas and Burgess Abernethy were rumored to be in a relationship.

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This was also the year when she and Burgess were rumored to be dating. The meeting of the couple is still not clear, but it was reported at the time they were dating. The couple met in 2009, fell in love then, and also went their separate ways before the year was over.

Burgess Abernethy and Cariba Heine Dating

Cariba Heine

Burgess and Cariba Heine shared the screen on the show 'H2O.' She was the leading character of the show and appeared in all 78 episodes of the series playing 'Rikki.' They appear on each other’s Instagram page from time to time, and it seems they share quit the chemistry when it comes to their reel and real-life persona.

According to Famous Birthdays, Cariba and Burgess dated for a while, but their relationship did not move anywhere more than dating.

Does Burgess Abernethy Have a Wife?

Burgess Abernethy

Though the actor’s been in multiple relationships, it seems he is neither engaged nor married with a wife. The actor is still young, so maybe a focus on the career is the first priority, and maybe he is just fine dating people and not committing to a serious relationship.

So, no, Burgess Abernethy is not married, and he appears to be single at the moment. He is a handsome man; the actor will definitely find someone to love and tie the knot with, but all in the right moment.

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