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Businesswoman-Model Allegra Cole - 5 Facts You Might Not Know!

Published Thu Nov 14 2019 By Travis
Businesswoman-Model Allegra Cole - 5 Facts You Might Not Know!

Models come in all shapes and sizes, and since the start of social media, there’s been a boost in people looking different, getting a platform to share their stories, and encouraging others to be like them. The same is the case with Allegra Cole, the busty Instagram celebrity who says she is empowering women by getting them plastic surgery.

Allegra is also a businesswoman who wants to get surgery for moms, and she is making a killing through her website and Instagram account. But she did not look like this from the start, as you can imagine, the model/businesswoman did not grow her chest to 54-inches naturally. She looked way different back in the day when she was living with her parents in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Allegra Cole is a model and also a businesswoman.
Allegra Cole is a model and also a businesswoman.

Source: Instagram

The model was born in 1969 to religious parents in Salt Lake City, Utah, and after completing her education, in order to find herself and become who she was really meant to be, Allegra left home. Now she is a successful mom, wife, and businesswoman, and here are the five facts you should know about Allegra Cole.

5. Allegra Used to be a Piano Teacher

Before she took the imaginations of people on Instagram, Allegra started out as a piano teacher in her mid and late 20s. The model was proficient in playing the piano, and then she utilized her skill with the musical instrument as a tool for her to make some money. On her Instagram page, you can still see her belting out some tunes on the piano, but she will be the first one to tell you, she is out of practice.

4. Allegra’s Website Helps Crowdfund Plastic Surgery in Exchange for Private Pictures & Videos

After Allegra herself got the plastic surgery, she saw a business opportunity for herself and a way for her to help other people, especially moms. She started her website, and soon, she started asking people for donations for other women to get plastic surgery. The crowdsourcing helped raise funds for the transformation, and then they would appear on her Instagram and YouTube channel to tell their story, which was another source of revenue for the model.

3. Her Husband Died Pretty Early On

Her Husband Died Pretty Early On

On her website, the model explains about how she started to get into sexual activity and became a mother and wife too young. But life was still nice and steady for her but then her husband died in 1996 and at the time she was the mother of three and in the “pivotal period” of her life. But the death of her husband spurred her on to live in the moment and make the best of her life and do whatever it takes to make herself feel good.

2. She is Currently Married to Dyson Salleh

The model was dealing with grief after her first husband died, and they were high school sweethearts, which is why it was even more difficult for her. The only man she ever slept with, been intimate with and loved, was her husband, which is why it was difficult for her to move on. But time healed and gave her the strength to move forward with her life.

Two years after the death of her first husband, Allegra met her second husband, Dyson Salleh, and soon the two got married and are together for more than 20 years now. He is also extremely supportive of all of her body choices, and she explained her husband loves her breasts.

1. Allegra is the Mother of Eight

Allegra is the Mother of Eight

Allegra is just not only focused on changing her body, but she also manages her business ventures with her home commitments. The model is the mother of eight children out of them, three are from her first husband and her daughter Mia makes the most appearance on Allegra’s Instagram page.

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