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Can't Visit a Salon? These DIY Beauty Treatments Help Out

Published Sat May 16 2020 By Eden
Can't Visit a Salon? These DIY Beauty Treatments Help Out

In the age of Coronavirus, you can’t go to a salon for most beauty services. Indeed, social media is full of memes about “quarantine hair”.

Thankfully, there are DIY solutions for most salon services. Not only can you pamper yourself, but you might even pick up a few new skills!

Clean Up Those Eyebrows

One feature that needs constant maintenance is your eyebrows. We’re all a little rough and ragged in quarantine, but nobody wants to come out with a unibrow or a pair of small shrubs. But you don’t want to just start plucking away with a pair of tweezers. 

First, choose a shape that matches your face. Second, use a brow brush to brush your eyebrows up and over. Go with the natural grain until all your eyebrows are nice and smooth. Next, use a magnifying mirror to identify any strays that lie between your brows or beneath your brow line.

When you’re plucking out your strays, it’s easy to go overboard and pluck too many. Suddenly, you may find that your eyebrows are misshapen due to over-plucking. To keep yourself in check, set a timer for five minutes for each eye. Fortunately, if you do go overboard or make a mistake, you’ve got the rest of quarantine to let the hairs grow back in.

One thing you don’t want to do is try to reshape your own brows. Unless you’re a professional, it’s easy to end up with brows that look wildly different. The exception to this is if you have unusually long or curly eyebrows. But in that case, you still shouldn’t pluck them. Instead, take a pair of small scissors and snip off the worst offenders.

Even so, you still want to be careful not to get enthusiastic. In the worst case scenario, apply some hairspray to a brow brush and use it to come those strays back into line. It’s not a perfect scenario, but at least you’ll look good for your next Zoom call.

If you normally get your brows tinted, you may fine that you’ve got gray or white hairs growing in. Again, plucking them is a bad idea. You’ll end up thinning out your eyebrows over time. Instead, you can apply some brow gel or eye shadow with a fine brush. It’s just a temporary solution, but it works.

Manage Unwanted Facial Hair

If you regularly get a face wax – or a bikini wax – these are trying times. You may find yourself staring at unsightly hairs every time you look in the mirror. Thankfully, doing your own hair removal can be quick and painless with a laser hair remover. By the time we’re all out of lockdown, you may decide never to go back to waxing.

Experiment With Different Hairstyles

Since you can’t get a professional haircut right now, why not do some experimentation? If you normally have a short style, this is a great way to see how you look with a longer cut. You can even rock a headband or an unorthodox hair clip to change things up a bit. When you grow your hair out, make sure to use a shower cap, and only wash your hair every few days. 

When it comes to coloring, you’ll have to use bottle dyes, which aren’t as effective as the dyes the pros use. There are some tricks to get it right, though.

As an alternative, why not let your roots grow out and stick with your natural colors? When all this is over, your stylist will need your business, so you can always go back to your favorite color.

Step Up Your Oral Hygeine

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t brush your teeth as often as you should. And if we’re being honest, you could probably stand to floss. If you’re already a daily flosser, good for you! Keep it up! If you’re not, now is a great time to start a new, healthy habit.

One life hack is to apply a little toothpaste to your floss before you use it. Not only will this add some lubrication, it can also help get rid of any stains between your teeth. If your gums are particularly sensitive, a water flosser can get the job done relatively painlessly.

While you’re at it, you can also take this time to whiten your teeth. Salons may not be open, but pharmacies are. Pick up a whitening kit, and make those pearly whites shine!

Give Yourself a Manicure

If you regularly enjoy a professional manicure, you’re probably not happy about the state of your nails. This is particularly problematic if you have gels or dips. 

To give yourself a home manicure, file your nails starting at the outside and moving to the center. Don’t file back and forth, since you can separate your nails and end up with a frayed tip. To treat your cuticles, soak them in warm, soapy water for five minutes. Next, push them back into place with a blunt cuticle pusher.

To remove an existing dip or shellac, you’ll need to soften it first. Soak some cotton balls in nail polish remover. Then, wrap them around your nails, and leave them in place for about 20 minutes. At that point, you can scrape it off with an orangewood stick. Give your nails a quick file buff and clean them down with alcohol and cotton balls. You won’t have the shellacked look you’re use to, but your nails will be clean and shiny.

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