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Casualty Star George Rainsford Confirms Ethan Hardy Will Be Taking Centre Stage In A Brand New Story

Published Tue Aug 13 2019 By Travis
Casualty Star George Rainsford Confirms Ethan Hardy Will Be Taking Centre Stage In A Brand New Story

Casualty is bringing George Rainsford for a huge role in the next few months of the longest running soap opera.

'Casualty' is the longest-running emergency medical drama created by Jeremy Block and Paul Unwin in 1986. Since then the show produced over 1,000 episodes in over 30 series, but in recent years George Rainsford is becoming the biggest draw for the series.

Last year after a down year for his character 'Ethan Hardy', there were some rumors involving George leaving the show after he sent out some cryptic tweets hinting he was leaving the show after last year. But he did not leave and this year was also a little quiet for the character and the Casualty star knows it.

Ethan Hardy
Ethan Hardy was not happy with the way the series was going in 2018. (Source: BBC)

This year was slow and quiet for the handsome blonde, and George knows it, but he also said Ethan would be taking center stage in the upcoming series. The quieter times experienced by the character seems to be coming to an end with this week’s explosive new episode will put the character front and center.

In the new episode, a lorry driver purposefully drives into a crowded market and Ethan goes down to lend his hand and help the injured. The lorry driver was supposed to be the whole danger of the episode, but then there is a huge revelation of a live bomb in the premises.

George Rainsford and wife Jaimi Barbakoff.
George Rainsford with his wife Jaimi Barbakoff. (Source: Liverampup)

The episode is going to be a great one, and it will we amazing to see how Ethan navigates the injured civilian as well as a live bomb. Don’t worry though people; he won’t die because the episode will set up some action-packed few months for the character in the months to come.

The downtime was something George talked to Digital Spy about in a recent interview. He said, “It's been a much quieter year; definitely, I think, post-Alicia. Obviously, the show's focus was on that big paramedic storyline. But it does pick up from now on.”

It is a great deal for the actor who was not really getting the due he deserved in the show. “So I'm back in the limelight, which is nice. It's been great. I've been able to spend a lot more time with my family, which is great,” George said. “But I'm excited about the stuff that's about to transmit because it's been really good. I loved the shoot.”

George Rainsford.
George seems to be happy with where his character is going next. (Source: Twitter)

The actor who almost left the show last year seems to be optimistic about what is going to happen in the future. He said, “I'm very happy, and I'm particularly happy with my recent stuff. I feel like there's a new lease of life for the character.”

George also seems to be happy with the direction the show is heading on. “There's lots of enjoyable stuff,” he said. “We've been filming, and I've been told that there are some good stories that are coming in. So yeah, I'm very happy.”

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The new series of Casualty is coming on 17 August 2019 on BBC One. Strictly Come Dancing, which recently added their 12th contestant is also coming to BBC later this year.