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Charles Bronson's Ex-Wife, Harriet Tendler: From Love Story to Hollywood History

Published Sat Dec 16 2023 By Bsgurung
Charles Bronson's Ex-Wife, Harriet Tendler: From Love Story to Hollywood History

Explore the enduring love story of Hollywood legend Charles Bronson and his devoted wife, Harriet Tendler, known for her unwavering support during his tough-guy roles. From their whirlwind romance to their enduring partnership, this blog post delves into their remarkable journey. 

Discover the captivating tale of the woman who captured Bronson's heart, and find out if Harriet Tendler is still with us today. Grab a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of classic Hollywood romance.

Married Life With Ex-Spouse, Charles Bronson

Harriet Tendler, 18, met her future husband, Charles Bronson, then Charles Buchinsky, 26, in school where he was eight years her senior. 

Harriet Tendler and Charles Bronson divorce
Image: Harriet Tendler with her ex-spouse, Charles Bronson during their early age. Source: Getty Images

Despite her father's initial disapproval due to religious differences and Bronson's financial struggles in a coal mine, they wed on September 30, 1949. 

Tendler supported him through challenging times during their over-a-decade-long marriage, but they eventually separated in 1965. Despite early obstacles, their love story began in pursuit of acting careers, enduring until their marriage's end.

Harried Tendler and Charles Bronson KIds

Harriet and Charles Bronson, despite parting ways, shared the joy of parenthood, welcoming Suzanne in 1955 and Tony in 1961. While Charles pursued his Hollywood career, Harriet single-handedly raised their children, managing the household while he was often away for work. 

Despite the challenges of their separation, Tendler devoted herself to nurturing their two beautiful children, Suzanne and Tony, creating a stable home environment amid Bronson's demanding schedule in the entertainment industry.

Charles Bronson's Extra Marital Affair Ended the Relation

Harriet Tendler, a devoted wife, supported Charles Bronson through his early struggles and raised their children alone while he pursued Hollywood success. Despite her dedication, Bronson had an affair with actress Jill Ireland, who was younger. 

Harriet attributes their detachment not to the affair but to Bronson's handling of fame. In an interview with WAMG, she revealed his focus on money rather than appreciating his work. 

Their marital discord arose from his constant pursuit of the next project, suggesting a deeper issue than the affair itself, ultimately leading to their separation.

Did Harried Tendler Ever Remarried? 

Following her divorce from Charles Bronson, Harriet Tendler remained romantically uninvolved, finding fulfillment in her career. In contrast, Bronson married his co-actress Jill Ireland, with whom he had an affair, tying the knot on October 5, 1968. 

The couple had a daughter, Zuleikha, who sadly succumbed to breast cancer on May 18, 1990. Bronson's third marriage occurred in his late 70s in December 1998, uniting with Kim Weeks. They stayed together until his death, marking a five-year companionship before the legendary actor's passing.

Harriet Tendler Movies and TV Shows

Harriet Tendler, initially an aspiring actor, shifted gears when success eluded her, taking a break before finding acclaim as a radio host in Los Angeles. 

Beyond her role as Charles Bronson's wife, she showcased versatile talents, excelling as an accomplished writer with books like her memoir, "Sketches in Pen and Ink," and a Civil War-themed work, "Drumbeats on the Watchtower." 

Tendler explored multiple artistic mediums, from painting to sculpture and jewelry-making, displaying her work in prestigious exhibitions. Not confined to the arts, she was also an adept cook, hosting dinner parties and authoring the cookbook "Harriet Tendler’s Kitchen," showcasing her multifaceted creative prowess.

Is Harriet Tendler Still Alive?

Harriet Tendler, the versatile talent and former wife of Charles Bronson, passed away on November 1, 2020, at 92. Confirmed by her son Tony, she died of natural causes at her California home. 

Harriet Tendler spouse
Image: Harriet Tendler with her ex-spouse, Charles Bronson at the event. Source: Amazon

Tendler, who largely stayed private post-1965 divorce, gained attention in 2004 with her book "Charlie & Me: Life with My Favorite Bad Boy." 

Remembered for her dedication to family, her passing marked the end of an era. Harriet Tendler's multifaceted contributions as an artist, writer, and cook left an indelible mark, and her legacy is cherished by those who knew and loved her.

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Net Worth of Harriet Tendler

Harriet Tendler, Charles Bronson's former wife, amassed a net worth of approximately $3 million through her diverse career. In contrast, Bronson, one of Hollywood's highest-earning actors, left behind a fortune of $65 million at the time of his passing, charging $1 million per movie. 

Tendler's acclaimed book, "Charlie and Me," offering insights into her marriage, is considered essential reading for wives, garnering high praise and ratings on Goodreads, Amazon, and Kindle. 

Notably, the book, a premium purchase, ranges from $10 to $16 per copy on Amazon, attesting to its enduring popularity and impact.

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