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Who is Chelsea Cutler Girlfriend? Find Out About Their Relationship in 2020

Published Sun Dec 13 2020 By Bran
Who is Chelsea Cutler Girlfriend? Find Out About Their Relationship in 2020

Grab all the details about the girlfriend of Connecticut's newest singing superstar, Chelsea Cutler.

There is no doubt that Chelsea Cutler is one of America's most promising talents in the musical landscape. It hasn't been long since the 23-year-old rose to prominence as she made her studio album debut, 'How to be Human' in January 2020. The reception she got was quite exceptional considering how the album went on to peak at number 23 in the prestigious Billboard 200 chart. 

Although 2020 was harsh on the general world population, Chelsea Cutler did go significant heights in her burgeoning career. As her professional endeavors kept on breaking new records, her fans did start to pay attention to her love life as well. Despite her best efforts to hide her romantic life, she failed to do so. Stay right here as we bring you the name of her secret girlfriend and her love life.

A Young Chelsea Cutler Dated Baseball Player

Chelsea Cutler poses a picture with ex-boyfriend Harry Roberson.

Chelsea Cutler and Harry Roberson broke up in 2018.
Photo Source: Instagram

Chelsea Cutler might have risen into prominence in the last couple of years following her association with Republic Records in March 2019. However, that wasn't the ultimate beginning of her love story since she began practicing and producing music from the time she went to high school. 

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In her teens, Chelsea Cutler was in a romantic relationship with a baseball player. The name of her lucky boyfriend was Harry Roberson. The teenager couple used to be in a romantic relationship for a long time, as their Instagram pictures still help them reminisce the old times. Unfortunately, like every good thing, their relationship also had an expiry date, which eventually caused them to break up. 

Chelsea Cutler poses a picture with Billie Eilish.

Chelsea Cutler labeled Billie Eilish as the next big thing in 2017.
Photo Source:  Twitter

Chelsea and her ex-boyfriend Harry Roberson actually stopped posting pictures together from July 2018. Furthermore, the former couple never decided to talk much about their split up as well. Judging by their online behavior, the two seem to be on good terms despite parting ways.

Chelsea Cutler In A Gay Relationship 

The fans of Chelsea Cutler were in for a surprise as it hasn't been long since the charming musician came out publicly as gay. Her Instagram followers were in for a  treat as she posted a delightful picture with her girlfriend, Tilly Burzynski. Although it wasn't expected since she once went out with a boyfriend, Harry, judging how things stand, Cutler couldn't be happier. 

Chelsea Cutler and Tilly Burzynski posing a picture at the beach.

Chelsea Cutler openly came out as gay following her relationship with Tilly.
Photo Source: Pinterest

The fact that  Cutler started dating a girl wasn't easy, as she admitted it on her official Twitter handle. The diva opened up on how she had 'terrifying, difficult experience' on a day to day basis. The pop and electric singer, however, considers herself lucky to be surrounded by supportive friends and family that get her going in her gay relationship to this very date.

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