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What is Cheryl Burke's Net Worth? How Much Did She Make From 'Dance Moms'?

Published Tue Oct 15 2019 By Chester
What is Cheryl Burke's Net Worth? How Much Did She Make From 'Dance Moms'?

Learn the envying net-worth and source of income of the dancing mogul and gorgeous model Cheryl Burke.

If you are a dance lover, then you probably know the American dancing sensation Cheryl Burke from some of the prominent dancing shows like ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Dance Mom', and 'Dancing Lessons'. 

But today we are not going to talk about the dancing kahuna's twists, rolls, or her magnificent dancing skills rather know about the staggering pile of greens she was able to accumulate through her professional dancing, modeling, and Television career. Without wasting any time, let's find out, shall we,

Cheryl Burke Holds a Whopping Net Worth of $1 Million

As in 2019, Cheryl Burke's net worth is estimated at around $1 million.
SOURCE: Page Six

The sources behind such staggering net worth can be credited to her dancing and modeling profession.

Besides her dancing profession, Cheryl, 35, runs her clothing line 'cee bee' via which she has earned a little amount of revenue. As of now, she is associated with some of the finest dancing shows, which made her fortune boost to millions. Let's dig in,

First Female Professional and The First Professional To Win 'Dancing With the Stars' Twice and Consecutively

As per reports by Cheatsheet, the Contestants receive $125,000 just for signing up the show, and subsequently, they get $10,000 each for the first two episodes, $20,000 each for the next two episodes, then $30,000 each for the next two episodes. 

Then the finalist is given $50,000 for the finals where the winner and fellow finalists would make around $345,000 from doing the show.

The gorgeous dancing sensation Cheryl won the dancing pageant for two times, earning around $6,90,000 from the show.

Earnings from Choreographer of 'Dancing With the Stars Junior'

The initial amount guaranteed for everyone who signs up is a base salary of $125,000, but that contract also includes training for a minimum of 20 hours per week, which begins several weeks before the season even starts.

And the sum gets added every week the contestants get passed on. The additional pay stub goes something like Week 3 - $10,000, Week 5 - $15,000, Week 6, 7- $20,000, Week 8, 9 - $30,000, Week 10, Week 11 - $50,000.

The ABC show premiered from October 7, 2018, to December 9, 2018, has only run for 1 season to date.

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Accounting the average income, Cheryl garnered around $135,000 from the show.

How Much Did Cheryl Make From 'Dance Moms'

The versatile star joined Lifetime networks' 'Dance Moms' around March, 2017 as a replacement to Abby Lee Miller.

As per reports from US Weekly, Abby used to earn $8,899 per month from the show and following her leave due to bank fraud.

The season 7 ran from November 29, 2016, and October 24, 2017, where Burke worked for eight months. Which calculating her income from the show makes around $8,899 x 8 = $71,192‬.

The recent season 8 of 'Dancing Mom' aired from June 4, 2019, to September 10, 2019, which ran for three months. Through the show, she accumulated around $26,697.

The versatile star Cheryl is also active on Instagram, where she shares posts regarding her endeavors, shows, dances, and other intriguing stuff. 

Cheryl Has Fun Filled Instagram Posts 

Burke has over 560,000 followers, with a total of 2,673 posts. And calculating her income via Marketing Hub, her estimated earning per post ranges from $1,669.5 - $2,782.5.

With such envying bands of money and loving husband/actor/singer Matthew Lawrence, Cheryl is living the life of riches filled luxury but without compromising on the hard work as it forever pays.

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