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Who is Cris Collinsworth Wife? Some Facts to Know

Published Thu Dec 24 2020 By Bran
Who is Cris Collinsworth Wife? Some Facts to Know

Who is the lucky wife of Cris Collinsworth? Know It All Here

Cris Collinsworth is one of America's finest sports broadcasters who brings intriguing content and insights in the analysis of the NFL. 

His experience as a former player himself, more specifically as a wide receiver for Cincinnati Bengals, makes him even more credible for his comments and opinions in the sports journalism sector. 

Cris Collinsworth's career in sports broadcasting was even more successful than his time playing. You would be quite surprised to know how the NBC reporter bagged the prestigious Sports Emmy Awards on fifteen different occasions to this date. 

The 61-year-old must consider himself blessed to have a romantic life as blissful as his professional one with his longtime wife. Stay right here as we bring you the details regarding the married life of the experienced journalist with his partner.

Cris Collinsworth Is Married To Longtime Wife

Cris Collinsworth poses a picture with wife Holly Bankemper.

Cris Collinsworth and his wife Holly Bankemper share four kids.
Photo Source: Fanbuzz

You might always see Cris Collinsworth on the television as the top analyst for Showtime and NBC, but he is a family man as well. The former star of the University of Florida and Cincinnati Bengals is blissfully married to a longtime partner in Holly Bankemper

The married couple has been together for over decades, but the pair prefer to keep the details about their affairs a secret. 

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The romantic relationship of Cris Collinsworth is quite impressive, considering how he has been a one-girl man. The history with his wife, Holly Bankemper, goes way back to their college days back to their college days at the college of law. Ever since they met at a young age, they seemed to have a strong connection, which later led them to date and tie the knot. 

Cris Collinsworth caught on the camera with young girls.

Cris Collinsworth and his wife Holly Bankemper went to the same college.
Photo Source: Sportscasting

While Cris pursued a career in sports, his wife went on with law to become an attorney. She still works in the sector around the Cincinnati state and lives a relatively low-key and private lifestyle. Following their marriage, the love birds went on to welcome four children. 

Out of the four kids, two of them followed Collinsworth to a football carer themselves. One of his sons, Austin, played for the University of Notre Dame. Unfortunately, he hurt his shoulder and underwent surgery during his senior year.

 Cris Collinsworth's Lowkey Early Life

The reason for Cris Collinsworth's success was his career in football and then his transition to sports broadcasting. That might be the reason why the fans don't know much about his love life.

The veteran television personality was born on January 27, 1959, in Dayton,  Ohio, to parents Abraham Lincoln 'Abe' Collinsworth and Donetta Browning Collinsworth. Just like himself, his dad was a talented footballer and one of the top scorers in the history of Kentucky Wildcats.

Cris Collinsworth poses for a picture with wife Holly Bankemper.

Cris Collinsworth is a three-time Pro-Bowl winner.
Photo Source: Heavy

Over the span of his seven-year-long football career from 1981 to 1988, Cris Collinsworth bagged the Pro Bowl for three different times. 

His NFL career saw him make 417 receptions and even get into the Second-Team All-Pro thrice. Beyond that and his journalism profession, he is also the owner of 'Pro Football Focus,' a statistic monitoring service on sports.

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