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What is Curt Schilling Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Complete Breakdown

Published Fri Jan 29 2021 By Bran
What is Curt Schilling Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Complete Breakdown

How much is the net worth of the Major League Baseball star Curt Schilling?

Curt Schilling is one of the prominent figures in the sports industry as a former MLB player. His introduction would be incomplete without mentioning that he is a right-handed pitcher for the reputed side of the Philadelphia Phillies. In fact, he even helped him to lead his team to the 1993 World Series. Not just that, he bagged several championships for Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox in 2001 and 2004, respectively. As of now, he is a commentator at BlazeTV.

Curt Schilling's career portfolio couldn't be more impressive since he managed to break several records, to become the member of the 3,000 strikeout club  with the highest strikeout-to-walk ratio. In addition to that, he also holds the record of the second highest JAWS of any pitcher who doesn't belong to the Hall of Fame. While his playing career ended way back in 2007, the ambitious persona of the Alaska based footballer continued working hard enough to build a strong portfolio. Thanks to such a decorated resume, Curt Schilling enjoys a colossal bank balance. Stay right here as we bring you all the details of his net worth and income sources.

Curt Schilling Owns A Net Worth To Make Him A Millionaire

Curt Schillng caught on the camera in a white kit.

Curt Schilling currently gathers a whopping net worth of $1 million.
Photo Source: The Boston Globe

When it comes to finances and income, Curt Schilling has absolutely nothing to worry about, all thanks to his career as a footballer in the past and a commentator at present.  Specifically, he gathers a colossal net worth of $1 million that lets the retired athlete live a lavishing life. As one of the pivotal squad players for his teams, like the Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks, he was someone who was well ahead of the curve compared to his teammates in terms of earnings and salary.

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Curt Schilling's statistics were not just impressive on a personal level, but his overall MLB record had a win-loss record of 216-146. While many players would find a big chunk of their income source cut off after retirement, it wasn't the case for Curt Schilling because he became a commentator after hanging up his gloves. He embarked upon his career as a radio personality by signing a lucrative deal for the Howie Car radio network to talk not just sports but also politics. Later, he further expanded his portfolio by joining Breitbart. 

Curt Schilling poses a picture while fans are respecting him on the pitch.

Curt Schilling was a right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball until retiring in 2008.
Photo Source: Politico

Curt Schilling's resume isn't just limited to a sporting personality, as he broke the limits by becoming an entrepreneur himself.In fact, he founded the Green Monster Games, which was later named 38 Studios instead. The online gaming firm came up with some great productions such as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning in February 2012, contributing immensely to the 54-year-old's net worth.

Curt Schilling Lost Over $50 Million

While the readers might find Curt Schilling's current net worth of $1 million huge, it isn't the actual case since he was fifty times richer in the past. Getting in the numbers, the retired athlete once possessed a whopping net worth of $50 million, perhaps due to a combination of his playing career, commentating journey, and a businessman. 

Curt Schilling caught on the camera while playing a match.

Curt Schilling lost around $50 million trying to save his former company, 38 Studios.
Photo Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Things were going pretty smoothly until a disaster struck in his video company due to a series of poor decisions financially. The firm became a sinking ship pretty soon and lost almost everything. Curt Schilling spent around $50 million of his own to save his firm, but all those attempts went in vain. In 2021 the former MLB athlete broke into the news again as he came into the discussion to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Many experts did  question the whole voting process.

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