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David Bromstad Tattoos - Learn Their Meanings

Published Tue Oct 22 2019 By Travis
David Bromstad Tattoos - Learn Their Meanings

David Bromstad was born on 17 August 1973 in a strict and conservative Christian household. And getting tattoos was a big no-no during his early life. After graduating, he went to college and left his home, and while in college, he got his first tattoo of a dragonfly on his shoulder.

This was also the time Bromstad opened the company 'Dragonfly Designs' with his sister. Soon David joined the HGTV 'Design Star,' which he won in 2006, and soon started his reality show on the channel with the release of 'Color Splash with David Bromstad.'

David Bromstad came to fame for his love of tattooing his body!

But out of all the exposure on various platforms, he is known the most among fans because of his love to ink his body. Most people follow a pattern when tattooing their bodies, which is simple, but David is not a simple man regarding design and the permanent ink on his body.

David's body is covered in tattoos and all them mean something to him.
David's body is covered in tattoos, which all mean something to him.
Source: Instagram

David expresses himself and inks what is right for him, whether it is a Disney character or tribal markings. Here is the complete list of all the tattoos on the body of Bromstad.

David Bromstad tatted Tribal Tattoos in Chinese. 

One of his first tattoos of David Bromstad is a tribal one on his left arm, which runs down from his deltoids to near the elbow. The lettering on the tattoo means artist and painter, and you can see the fresh face and ink-free body when he got this one.

David Bromstad tatted Tribal Tattoos in Chinese.
Source: Instagram

If you can pull it off, tribal tattoos are some of the best to add some design and oomph to the ink.

Amazing Chandeliers on David Bromstad's Right Forearm

Sticking with the arm region, a magnificent chandelier tattoo on David Bromstad's forearm runs from his elbow to the top of his wrist. 

Amazing Chandeliers on His Right Forearm
Chandeliers tattoo on David Bromstad's Right Forearm.

The tattoo integrates nicely with the Disney character on his right arm (get to in a minute) and the amazing tattoo on the top of his hand (again, in a minute).

Artist on His Hand

Artist on His Hand
David Bromstad was showing off his tattoo.

Still, on his right hand, David Bromstad got a magnificent tattoo of the word Artist, which extends to his fingers and rests right around the knuckle region. The bottom part of the chandelier integrates into the “I,” and the “T” is fashioned to look like a cross.

Mickey on the Outside and Minnie on the Inside Bicep

Mickey on the Outside
David is a big fan of Mickey Mouse, and he has a tattoo of the Disney mouse on his body!

David is a big fan of Mickey Mouse, and his love for the character is apparent in the multiple Mickey outside his right bicep. Other versions of the character surround a big Mickey, and the whole thing is beautifully colored.

Minnie Mouse on the inner bicep of David's arm.
Minnie Mouse on the inner bicep of David's arm.
Source: Instagram

Not only Mickey, though, Minnie also makes an appearance on the inside of his bicep.

David Bromstad has Cinderella Castle Tattooed on his Thigh

Sticking with the Disney theme, David got a massive Cinderella Castle tattooed on his thigh. He worked as a Disney illustrator and fell in love with the animation house from an early age.

Cinderella Castle on his left thigh.
David Bromstad has Cinderella Castle Tattooed on his Thigh.

It is a beautiful illustration of the castle on the thigh, and it is one of the best pieces of art on his body.

Bromstad has a lion tatted on his Left Shin. 

Left Shin Lion tattoo
Bromstad has a lion tatted on his Left Shin.

David got a massive Lion tattoo on his left shin, and the reason behind this is simple, his zodiac sign is Leo, and the lion signifies his sign.

David Bromstad's "Love" tattoo

Right Leg Love tattoo
David Bromstad has a "Love" tattooed on his right calf.

In a bright, vibrant color, the letter of the word love is arranged in a column, and the design looks like the cloth design of a mime.

Overlap Pride

Overlap Pride flag tattoo
Pride Flag runs among his LOVE Tattoo!

To complement the “LOVE” tattoo on his right leg, there is a rainbow, which extends into the letter “O.” The rainbow is the flag of pride, and it is the gay flag, which is to signify his sexual orientation.

Hogwarts on His Right Thigh

Hogwarts on His Right Thigh
David tatted Hogwarts on His Right Thigh

On the left thigh, there is a tattoo of Cinderella Castle, but on the right side, there is another extremely popular castle. David got a Hogwarts tattoo on his right thigh with a crescent moon on top.

Neck Piece of Two Tigers Chasing

neck tattoo
David tatted two Tigers chasing one another on his neck!

David got a tattoo of two tigers, which tapered his neck and looked like the two tigers were chasing each other around his neck.

The Massive Chest Piece

A small crown below the neck leads to a massive red heart, and the lettering which joins the two deltoids reads Limited Edition. The reality star calls this shameless boasting, but the chest piece is huge and complements his body perfectly.

The Massive Chest Piece

There is a 1973 tattoo on the base of his sternum, which is to signify his date of birth. Tattoos are a huge deal, and it shouldn’t be just about getting inked; there needs to be some reasoning behind getting tattooed, and David’s got a reason behind all the tattoos on his body. But, besides tattoos, it seems like David is also a fan of cosmetic surgeries. 

In recent months, fans and the public have noticed significant changes in Bromstad's face. Fans noticed the disappearance of wrinkles from Bromstad's face, which now looks tighter as if he had undergone botox services. 

Not only that, but fans also noticed thicker hair on Bromstad than before. But, of course, the handsome hunk chooses not to say a word about the assumptions about his plastic surgeries.

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