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'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Favorite Movie

Published Thu Apr 30 2020 By Eden
'Deadpool' Star Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Favorite Movie

Ryan Reynolds recently revealed his favorite movie, and surprisingly, it's not Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds spent a decade investing his heart and soul into Deadpool, in an effort to take the solo film to a whole new dimension, eventually succeeding upon turning the movie into a multi-billion dollar franchise it is today.

Given how precious Wade Wilson is to his heart, and the apparent significance of the actor as the series' creator, director, and co-writer; surprisingly, none of the Deadpool movies are his favorite on-set portrayal.

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The title goes to the currently postponed 'Free Guy,' where Reynolds joins forces with producer Shawn Levy for a high-concept video game-inspired adventure film that contains all the elements for the rebranded 20th Century Fox to be a huge end-of-year success.

The movie previously adorned Total Film magazine's cover, and Reynolds felt no hesitation in expressing how much he loved working on Free Man, taking to his official Twitter.

Free Guy may be his all-time favorite from his film career thus far, but Reynolds is surely going to be one of Hollywood's busiest people in the near future. Therefore, he will undoubtedly be a part of several projects that could potentially challenge his current favorite.

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In addition to Deadpool 3, the 43-year-old also signed on to a mysterious time travel plot with Levy and has stepped into negotiations to create and appear in Netflix's live-action version of 'Dragon's Lair,' a laserdisc video game published by Cinematronics in 1983.

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Reynolds is unquestionably gonna be a preoccupied person with a lot on his plate coming his way, most notably 'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard' as well as the sequels to 'The Croods' (2013) and 'Detective Pikachu' (2019). Moreover, he will be starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in 'Red Notice' and the 'Hobbs & Shaw' sequel. 

Needless to say, there shall be a few obvious competitions for the actor to relive the joy he derived out of 'Free Man.'

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