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Deen Kharbouch: The Life Of French Montana's Ex-Wife

Published Sun Dec 17 2023 By Bsgurung
Deen Kharbouch: The Life Of French Montana's Ex-Wife

Deen Kharbouch, an American entrepreneur and designer, gained prominence through her romantic involvement with rapper French Montana, born Karim Kharbouch. Despite maintaining a private lifestyle, she attracted attention due to their relationship. 

Since their divorce, Deen Kharbouch has kept a low profile, with limited information on her current activities. This entrepreneur, known for her quiet life, remains relatively unknown to the public.

Starting Romance With Ex-Spouse, French Montana

Deen Kharbouch and French Montana began their romantic journey in the early 2000s, a time of shared struggles as both aimed to establish their careers. Their initial encounter remains somewhat elusive, but reports suggest a profound love leading to cohabitation. 

Deen Kharbouch son
Image: Deen Kharbouch with her ex-spouse and their son. Source; Ranker

Their formative years were marked by a deep connection, with music serving as a central bond. Deen, an inspirational force for the aspiring musician French Montana, played a crucial role in his creative development. 

The couple's shared passion for music laid the foundation for their relationship during the pivotal phase of building their respective careers. 

They Exchanged Wedding Vows in 2007

Deen Kharbouch and French Montana married in 2007 after a lengthy courtship, with limited details on the ceremony. The low-key wedding, attended by close family, preceded French Montana's global stardom. 

As their careers flourished post-nuptials, Deen provided wholehearted support, collaborating on projects with her husband. Despite not experiencing extravagant celebrations, the couple, visibly content, made public appearances reflecting their harmonious partnership. 

Their union, forged before French Montana's superstardom, highlighted a period of personal and professional growth as they navigated life's complexities together, radiating happiness in the face of evolving success. 

Blessed With One Son

Deen Kharbouch, alongside ex-husband French Montana, shares a 13-year-old son named Kruz, born in October 2010. Recognized for her exceptional parenting, Deen is praised by French Montana for her unwavering dedication to their son's growth. 

He openly acknowledges her profound influence on Kruz, commending her for instilling valuable principles, particularly in education. Despite their divorce, French Montana holds Deen in high regard, emphasizing her role in providing their son with a solid foundation for the future. 

Both parents prioritize Kruz's well-being, safeguarding him from public scrutiny and creating an environment that prioritizes his development and safety. 

Why did Deen Kharbouch and French Montana get divorced? 

Deen Kharbouch and French Montana's seemingly perfect marriage faced turbulence in 2012 when they decided to separate, coinciding with rumors of French Montana's involvement with Khloé Kardashian

Deen Kharbouch husband
Image: Deen Kharbouch with her ex-spouse, Frenc Montana together at the party. Source: Getty Images

Amidst media attention, Deen publicly accused him of neglecting their son, Kruz. The situation escalated as French Montana denied the claims, sparking a public dispute over their co-parenting dynamic. 

This tumultuous phase marked a publicized chapter in their relationship, with Deen voicing concerns about his commitment to their family, while French Montana contested the allegations, creating a notable and scrutinized period in their personal lives.

Divorce Settlements

Deen Kharbouch and French Montana finalized their divorce amicably in September 2014, seven years after their marriage. French Montana provided a $2 million settlement and a monthly child support of $7000

Despite their separation, they maintain a cordial relationship, evident in Montana's 2017 shoutout to Deen. Since the divorce, Deen's relationship status remains private, with no reports of a new romance. She appears either single or discreet about any relationship, leaving her current status uncertain.

What Deen Kharbouch Do For Living? 

Deen Kharbouch, renowned as French Montana's ex-wife, is a hardworking individual with a diverse professional background. Despite earning a Bachelor's in Media Studies, she entered the finance world at Vornado Realty Trust and later held a marketing role at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank. 

Continuing her career growth post-marriage, she joined the cyber security firm Stroz Friedberg in 2010. Deen played a pivotal role in French Montana's Coke Boys Entertainment and founded Kruzie Enterprise. 

Following their divorce, she leveraged her business acumen to establish Palmer Road, a real estate development and management company, where she serves as CEO, marking a successful entrepreneurial journey. 

Deen Kharbouch Net Worth in 2023

Deen Kharbouch has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million through her diverse business ventures, notably as the CEO of Palmer Road, a real estate company. Her financial success is further boosted by a $2 million divorce settlement from her ex-husband, French Montana. 

With an annual income surpassing $200,000, Deen's net worth reflects her unwavering determination and business acumen. 

However, the contrast with French Montana's staggering $35 million fortune underscores his substantial wealth. Despite the difference, Deen's achievements showcase her financial prowess and entrepreneurial success in managing her enterprises. 

Social Media Involvements

Regrettably, Deen has recently made her Instagram account, @deenkharbouch, private, limiting access to her over 4k followers. 

French Montana net worth
Image: Rapper, French Montana in the frame. Source: Independent UK

Despite this change, her Twitter account, @DeenKharbouch, remains public and accessible to the 2.7k followers, providing continued visibility into her posts and updates.

Deen Kharbouch Age and Education

Deen Kharbouch, originally named Nadeen M Palmer and born in 1985, is an American entrepreneur with a sister named Nicole Gordon Palmer

Holding American nationality, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University. 

Despite being recognized as a celebrity ex-wife, Deen has successfully established her own identity and path. Join us as we delve into the details of this accomplished powerhouse.

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