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Devin Unger: Exploring the Life of Billy Unger's Son

Published Mon Oct 02 2023 By Bsgurung
Devin Unger: Exploring the Life of Billy Unger's Son

Devin Unger, a young celebrity child, has gained recognition primarily as the son of the well-known American actor, William Brent Unger, who is more commonly referred to as Billy Unger

Additionally, Devin is a sibling to River Unger, another child in the spotlight. Despite his tender age, Devin has already garnered global attention, largely owing to the fame of his parents. Now, let's delve deeper into Devin's life to learn more about him.

Personal Life of Devin Unger

Similarly, the Unger family calls Los Angeles, California, their home, providing a backdrop where the young celebrity child can relish quality moments with his family. 

Devin Unger parents
Image: Devin Unger with her parents. Source: Instagram

The actor renowned for his role in "Opposite Day" frequently posts endearing photos of his sons on social media, giving glimpses of their strong familial connection. He openly and passionately expresses his deep sense of pride and affection for his children.

In this loving and supportive family setting, the adorable child is growing up. Given Billy's thriving acting career and Angela's role as his manager, it's highly probable that Devin will be inspired to pursue his own dreams and aspirations.

Father, Billy Unger Love Life

The tall and strikingly handsome Billy Unger remains unmarried but happily committed to a relationship. His romantic partner is Angela Moreno, with whom he embarked on a journey of love in July 2014. 

Their relationship has endured the test of time and continues to thrive. In a romantic gesture, they marked their first anniversary with a celebration in the enchanting city of Paris.

Prior to his relationship with Angela, Billy had been involved with Teala Dunn in 2014, Raini Rodriguez in 2013, Alli Simpson in 2012, and Allisyn Ashley Arm in 2009.

Father, Billy Unger, and Mother, Angela's Love Life

Their wonderful union has brought the immense joy of raising two children, Devin and River, into their lives. Billy, who embraced fatherhood at the age of seventeen, cherishes his role as a parent and wholeheartedly embraces the joys that come with it. 

Angela deeply admires her husband's unwavering love for their children and acknowledges him as an exceptional father.

Without a doubt, the lovebirds continue to lead a blissful life together, setting an inspiring example for many. They hold their roles as parents in high regard and celebrate their collective successes in their respective careers.

Who is His Father, Billy Unger? 

Billy Unger is an accomplished American actor best known for his versatile talents in the entertainment industry. Born on October 15, 1995, in Palm Beach County, Florida, he embarked on his acting career at a young age and quickly gained recognition for his remarkable skills.

Billy Unger actor
Image: Billy Unger is an American actor. Source: Pini Mg

 With striking good looks and an impressive on-screen presence, Billy has made a significant impact in Hollywood. He rose to prominence with notable roles in films and television series, including "Opposite Day" and Disney XD's "Lab Rats," where he portrayed Chase Davenport. 

Movies and TV Shows

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Billy Unger has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. He has guest-starred on various popular TV shows, including "Kickin' It," "Sonny with a Chance," "A.N.T. Farm," "No Ordinary Family," "Ghost Whisperer," "Hawthorne," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Additionally, he made a memorable appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Unger's film credits include roles in "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," "You Again," "Monster Mutt," "Opposite Day," "Jack and the Beanstalk," and "Rock Slyde."

Starting in 2012, he took on the role of Chase in the Disney XD series "Lab Rats," later reprising the character in the spinoff series "Lab Rats: Elite Force" in 2016, credited as William Brent.

Net Worth of Devin Unger in 2023

Billy Unger, known for his role in "You Again," boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $400,000. As for his son Devin, his exact net worth remains undisclosed, considering his status as a minor. Nevertheless, Devin enjoys a comfortable and lavish lifestyle, thanks to his celebrity parents.

Billy's estimated annual income exceeds $50,000 at present. Notably, "You Again" generated a total of $32.1 million in revenue, surpassing its $20 million budget. Additionally, another film in which Unger starred, "Crank: High Voltage," garnered a total of $34.6 million with a budget of $20 million.

Devin Unger's Instagram World

While the internet sensation, Devin, does not maintain an active presence on social media, his father, Billy, frequently shares moments on his own Instagram account, where he goes by the username @billyunger. 

Billy Unger wife
Image: Billy Unger with his partner, Angela Moreno. Source: Instagram

With a substantial following of over 499 thousand, Billy's posts on Instagram often feature pictures and heartfelt messages about his son. Billy Unger is an active presence on social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. 

His Twitter account boasts over 196.9k followers, and his Instagram account has garnered a substantial following of over 508k. However, it's worth noting that he does not utilize Facebook as part of his social media presence.

How old is Billy Unger's Son, Devin Unger? 

Born in 2012, Devin Unger, the eldest child of actor Billy Unger and his wife, Angela Moreno, has kept his specific date of birth private. As of 2023, at the age of thirteen, this young star kid continues to grow and thrive. 

He is joined by his younger brother, River Unger, who entered the world in 2018, bringing joy and completeness to their loving family.

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