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Who is Emily Cannon Married To? Does She Share Any Children?

Published Mon Oct 14 2019 By Travis
Who is Emily Cannon Married To? Does She Share Any Children?

Emily Cannon was a volleyball player who plied her trade in the BYU Cougars team, where she was selected as a member of the 2017 roster. She finished her high school from Park City High School and then moved to BYU for further education, the same place her mother was a cheerleader in.

The volleyball player was the daughter of an alumnus, which made her enrollment slightly easy. She was interested in sports from an early age and did not want to be a cheerleader, which is why volleyball was the next best option for the player. She played in her High School and carried on her skills to college, which allowed her to be named on the 2017 BYU Cougars roster.

Emily Cannon
Emily Cannon was a volleyball player at the college level.

Source: Instagram

Not only a player, though, but Emily is also a stout believer in the Christian faith, which is why the player took time off to go to Argentina with the mission group The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After her return home, while playing volleyball, Emily met up with singer Max Schneider.

Emily Cannon’s Married Life with Max Schneider

Emily Cannon and Max Schneider met before 2016, and the two struck a quick friendship, which morphed into a relationship. The two started to go out on dates and even moved in together, which is when the singer thought it was the right time to get hitched.

It wasn’t a weak proposal for the singer, he sang a special song for Emily flanked by a harp player and then asked her to become his wife. She said yes, and the two got married on 1 April 2016, in an intimate ceremony supported by their family and friends.

The couple is secretive about almost all aspects of their lives, but the relationship between the two is not really hidden. They are not shy of PDA and even come to award functions together, but they are secretive when it comes to stating when and how they met each other.

Emily and Max share a beautiful married life, and they also recently celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary, and with each image post, it feels like the two were made for each other. When two people are meant to be together, they find ways to be together, and their photos give a slight glimpse of the love they share for each other.

Emily and Max Schneider.
Emily and Max recently celebrated three years of marriage.

Source: Instagram

Emily was born on 23 July 1991, and she spent her early life with her parents, and her mother was her biggest supporter. She was there for her daughter on the day of her wedding to Max, who is about a year younger than Emily. Considering the fact he is Jewish, and she is Christian, it must’ve been a little hard to convince their parents, but love doesn’t see religion or color, which is why the two got married, and it seems the decision was the right one for the couple.

Do They Share Any Children?

Emily and Max Schneider.

Max and Emily are married for over three years, and they love each other, but the two are not looking to add to their family just yet. The couple is without kids, and Emily does not appear to be pregnant, so the couple seems to be currently focused on their career instead of expanding their family.

Kids are probably on the cards for the couple, but currently, the two are at the height of their career, and this window is not where they are looking to be pregnant. But when they do decide to bring a child into this world, he/she is definitely going to be a beautiful baby.

Emily and Max Schneider.
Emily and Max are not looking to add a bundle of joy any time soon.

Source: Instagram

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