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Exploring the Journey of Sara Ann Haney-Brings Plenty: A Spotlight on Moses Brings Plenty's Wife

Published Sat Dec 16 2023 By Bsgurung
Exploring the Journey of Sara Ann Haney-Brings Plenty: A Spotlight on Moses Brings Plenty's Wife

Moses Brings Plenty, known for his role as Mo in Yellowstone, has a wife named Sara Ann Haney-brings Plenty. Sara Ann is an actress recognized for her appearance in the Western series alongside her husband and son Jerynce

Moses, an Oglala Lakota actor, is Chief Rainwater’s driver and bodyguard in the show. The couple, both involved in the entertainment industry, has garnered attention for their contributions to the popular neo-Western drama.

Happily Married to Husband, Moses Brings Plenty

Actress Sara Ann Brings Plenty, known for Yellowstone, has been happily married to actor Moses Brings Plenty since their private wedding in September 2009. 

Sarah ann husband and kids
Image: Sarah Ann with her husband, Moses Brings Plenty and their child. Source: YouTube

The couple, who have kept their union away from the spotlight, celebrates 13 years of marriage. They share a son named Jerynce. Sara Ann appeared in Yellowstone alongside her husband and son, while Moses plays a main character in the series. 

The Brings Plenty family enjoys a blissful married life with no signs of separation, maintaining privacy around their enduring relationship.

Blessed With one Son, Jernyce

Mo, also known as Moses Brings Plenty, has a son named Jernyce, gaining increased internet attention after his role in Yellowstone. 

Jernyce, who portrays Mo's son in the series, notably featured in Season 4's third episode, enjoying moments with his parents. While his mom and dad regularly share pictures of him on their Instagram accounts, it seems Jernyce doesn't have an account of his own yet. 

The celebrity kid is dearly cherished by Mr. and Mrs. Plenty, who conscientiously ensure his well-being in every conceivable way.

Sara Ann Brings Plenty in Yellowstone

Sara Ann Brings Plenty, renowned for her role in Yellowstone, joined her husband Mo and son Jerynce in the series. Mo, a pivotal figure in Yellowstone, showcased his family in Season 4, Episode 3, revealing snippets of his private life. 

The episode featured his wife, Sara Ann, preparing a bag lunch. Mo often shares family moments on Instagram, showcasing their involvement in wildlife rescue, particularly ducks and geese. 

Alongside their son Jernyce, they form an "A-Team for Goose and Duck Rescue." Mo, an avid animal lover, not only cares for injured wildlife but also tends to horses and cattle, as evident in his social media posts.

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Husband, Moses Brings Plenty is a Singer, Drummer, and Actor

Moses Brings Plenty, a prominent Oglala Lakota actor, commands attention in the entertainment industry, recognized for his diverse talents across television, film, and stage. Best known for his role as Mo in the American neo-Western drama series Yellowstone, Brings Plenty has made a lasting impact with his compelling performances. 

Beyond the screen, he is a traditional drummer and singer, enriching his artistic repertoire. With a career marked by versatility, Moses Brings Plenty brings authenticity to characters, seamlessly embodying the essence of his Oglala Lakota heritage. His dedication to storytelling and cultural representation solidifies him as a respected figure in the world of acting.

His Movies and TV Shows

Moses Brings Plenty, a distinguished Oglala Lakota actor, has left an indelible mark in film and television. Notable for bit parts in Hidalgo, Thunderheart, and Pirates of the Caribbean, he portrayed Quanah Parker in Comanche Warrior and Crazy Horse in Investigating History and The Wild West documentaries. 

Moses Brings Plenty net worth
Image: Yellowstone star, Moses Brings Plenty in the frame within the character. Source: Blox Images

His film Rez Bomb achieved international acclaim, deviating from the Native American film festival norm. Brings Plenty, a Jurassic World Dominion actor, advocates for accurate Native representation in media. 

Behind the scenes on Yellowstone and its spin-offs, he serves as American Indian Affairs Coordinator, ensuring authentic portrayal. As Mo in Yellowstone, his role expanded, becoming a series regular in season five, showcasing his commitment to Native culture representation.

Sara Ann Haney-Brings Plenty Net Worth in 2023

Sara Ann Haney-Brings Plenty's precise net worth remains undisclosed, likely elevated by her association with husband Moses Brings Plenty, a prominent actor with a $5.5 million net worth. 

Sara Ann contributed to Yellowstone and 1923. Moses, renowned for Cowboys & Aliens (2011), earned $174.8 million against a $163 million budget. His role in Jurassic World Dominion led to a massive $1.4 billion gross, surpassing its $265 million budget. 

Given his pivotal roles and experience, Moses commands a substantial salary. While Sara Ann's financial standing is unspecified, Moses's success in blockbuster films substantiates his considerable net worth.

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