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Faith Evans' Daughter Chyna Tahjere - Who is Her Biological Father?

Published Wed Oct 16 2019 By Travis
Faith Evans' Daughter Chyna Tahjere - Who is Her Biological Father?

Learn who is American R&B singer Faith Evans' biological father!

Faith Evans was born on 10 June 1973 in Lakeland, Florida, but spent her childhood and most of her adult life in New Jersey. She rose to prominence after she started singing and when she moved to Los Angeles to focus on pursuing her music career fully.

At the beginning of her career, she worked in backing vocals and backed Al B. Sure! and Christopher Williams. She started reaching the forefront and paving her way, resulting in the singer winning Grammy Awards and writing a best-selling book.

Who is the Biological Father of Chyna Tahjere?

Before Faith Evans became an R&B star, she met the music director and producer Kiyamma Griffin with him; she worked, and the two developed a relationship. Faith never revealed how the two met, but they did share an intimate relationship.

Kiyamma Griffin is the biological parent of Chyna Tahjere.

Kiyamma Griffin is the biological parent of Chyna Tahjere.
Source: BCK Online

Kiyamma worked with many musicians, including Michael Jackson and Mary J. Blige, and he is also a married man. On 5 June 2015, he tied the knot with his girlfriend, Ashley Griffin, the parents of four kids.

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The relationship between Faith and Kiyamma was purely only a relationship, and the two never got married, but by the age of 19, she was pregnant. The couple welcomed their first and only child on 1 April 1993. The couple separated soon after, went their separate ways, and made their own career paths.

Chyna Tahjere Griffin is not Faith Evans and Biggie’s Daughter.

There are questions out there asking if Chyna is the daughter of the relationship between Biggie and Faith, but she is not Biggie’s daughter. She was born a year before Faith and Biggie met at the photo shoot, and he was her stepfather until he died during the infamous shooting and killing in California.

Biggie and Faith Evans.
Faith Evans with her first husband, The Notorious B.I.G.

Faith and Biggie only share a son, C.J. Wallace, who is a musician like his father. On the other hand, religion gave birth to two more kids from her other relationships after the famous New York rapper was shot and killed.

Faith Evans with her daughter Chyna Tahjere.
Faith Evans with her daughter Chyna Tahjere.
Source: BCK Online

Faith Evans married Biggie After Welcoming Her First Child!

Except for her musical career, there is one more thing Faith Evans is known the world over; she is the widow of Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. The talented East Coast rapper was the crowning jewel of the up-and-coming Bad Boy record label headed by Sean “Diddy” Combs

Faith Evans
Faith Evans was married to Biggie till his Death.

Faith and Biggie married in 1994, a few weeks after meeting at a photo shoot. So, the rapper became the stepfather to Faith’s first child, Chyna Tahjere.

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