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Full Story on Bernie Sanders Heart Surgery

Published Tue Oct 22 2019 By Travis
Full Story on Bernie Sanders Heart Surgery

Bernie Sanders is one of the leading Presidential Candidates in the 2020 Presidential Election. One of the staunch detractors of the current President and someone who came close to getting the nomination for the 2016 election, is fighting a wide pool of Democratic hopefuls to go up against the current President.

The Senator from Vermont is followed by the opposite spectrum of the age scale, with the 78-year-old getting the largest crowd among the millennial crowd and as recent as yesterday when the Senator was endorsed by Democratic Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York City in front of 25,000 supporters which is one of the biggest crowds this year on the campaign trail.

Bernie Sanders was in New York City where he was endorsed by AOC.
Bernie Sanders was in New York City where he was endorsed by AOC.

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Well, the problem most people are facing supporting the candidate, except for his policy, is his age, which will be 79 years when the 2020 inauguration takes place. For the whole year, Bernie sidestepped the questions on his health, but then he was admitted to one while on the campaign trail because of chest discomfort. Then it was reported the Senator got surgery on his heart.

What Happened To Bernie?

Bernie Sanders Heart Surgery

It was a normal day for the Senator when he arrived in Las Vegas and made his way to a fundraiser and took some questions from the people, but after a while, the Presidential hopeful started to feel some discomfort in his chest area.

According to the aides who spoke anonymously, the Senator was feeling some discomfort in his chest region, and he appeared uncomfortable during the fundraiser, where he asked one of the people working for him for a chair and sat down. He also appeared uncomfortable in the car while the people working for him were taking him to an urgent care facility.

Watch: Bernie Sanders out of the Las Vegas hospital

The doctor at the care facility took a look and recommended the Senator be transferred to a hospital quickly. An ambulance carried Bernie to Desert Spring Hospital Medical Center, where the problem was deduced to be his heart, and they did an emergency procedure.

What was the Treatment Used?

When Sanders was brought to the hospital, the doctors deduced the problem in his heart, and Bernie was transferred to cardiac catheterization. He was suffering from a blocked artery, which is why the doctors inserted stents to keep the artery open.

Stents are tiny mesh wire tubes, which help to keep the artery open and are used predominantly during a coronary problem. The main reason for the blockage of an artery is due to the blockage caused by high cholesterol or plaques. The stents help keep the artery open, so a steady stream of blood flows through the heart.

Watch: The Stent procedure which was used in Bernie's case

One of the doctors involved in the surgery said even though the surgery is on the heart and arteries are involved, the whole procedure is less invasive and more of a routine thing than most other heart surgeries. The surgery was a success, and two days later, Bernie was walking around in the hospital.

The reason stents were used, and the doctors decided to go through with the surgery instead of waiting, which is done during the case of a blocked artery, was for the circumstances surrounding the hospital visit. If the discomfort happened when the Senator was physically exerting himself, then medicine and rest would’ve been advised.

But the Senator was not doing much when he came down with chest pains, and the surgery was thought to be needed and better safe than sorry. Bernie is back to full health and walking and talking like he used to in the past, so it was the right choice to get the surgery.

How is Bernie Now?

Well, nothing can keep Bernie down, not even a blocked heart; the man was back on the campaign trail soon after the heart surgery. People seem to count out Bernie for his age, but considering the front runner’s pool this year, where all the leading candidates are over 70 years old, the only sane person in the race looks to be Bernie and Elizabeth.

Bernie was back on the campaign trail and held a rally in New York City, where more than 25,000 people turned out to see the Senator speak. New York’s own AOC also made her way to the rally, where she put her support behind the Senator and fielded questions about her being the Vice President to Bernie.

Watch: Bernie Sanders in Queens amongst 25,000 fans

AOC said she is too young, but can you imagine those two together? The right-wing media and GOP will lose their minds. The 2020 election is shaping out to be a great showdown, and the race is better with Bernie in it.

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