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Gemini Man: Will Smith Reveals the one Question He Would Want to Ask His Younger Self

Published Thu Oct 03 2019 By Travis
Gemini Man: Will Smith Reveals the one Question He Would Want to Ask His Younger Self

The actor of Gemini Man talks about the one thing he would ask to younger version of himself.

'Gemini Man' is a technical marvel which pits Will Smith vs. Will Smith and coming from the age where for a period of almost a decade, a Will Smith movie was an event, we are soo down with the whole 23 years old and 50-year-old Will Smith trying to kill each other. The feats Ang Lee and his team were able to achieve was nothing short of extraordinary and no matter how the movie shakes out in the end, this was another feat in digital filmmaking by an auteur of digital filmmaking process.

The team of ‘Gemini Man’ was at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019 where the actor was stopped at the red carpet and ET asked the actor what was the one question he would like to ask his younger self and he gave a pretty much Will Smith answer.

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The actor first explained the younger version of himself, the one in his early 20s was not trying to hear anything anyone was trying to say “so I wouldn't tell his dumbass nothing.” Then the actor reminisced about a time gone by and trying to capture something he lost along the way, “But there were certain qualities that I had in my twenties that I have been trying to recover in the last couple of years.”

Will also explained what it was like letting fear in as the success took hold of him and he lost the brave nature of his younger self. “So my birthday last year, I did bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon,” the actor explained. “And even a part of that foolishness was trying to get rid of the fear that I had taken on as I become more successful. I didn't become more brave. I became more fearful as I got older.”

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Finally, the actor revealed the one thing he would like to ask the young and not so famous Will Smith of the old days. “So young Will was wildly courageous to the level of foolishness, but I would want to ask my younger self about the source of that courage because I've actually lost touch with that source. I have to manipulate it a little bit more than I used to.”

Will Smith who’s been in a lot of sci-fi movies ranging from mind-blowing (Men In Black) to utterly humiliating one (Wild Wild West), so he’s been around green screen and later the motion capturing scene but what he saw on screen for the first time was something he was not expecting and it was a weird reaction for Will to see a younger version of himself on screen.

Will Smith and the 23 year old digitally rendered version of himself in Gemini Man.
Will Smith was amazed to see himself for the first time in Gemini Man as a younger man.

Source: Engadget

The clone of Will Smith in the movies was not something which was digitally de-aged like Marvel movies and Disney movies are doing these days. The actor explained it “was crazy” when he first saw the character on screen, it was digitally built version of himself and something over 500 engineers worked on to get everything perfect.

“We had to shoot all of this stuff ahead of time and it was eight months before I got to see an image,” the actor explained about the first time he saw the footage from the movie. “And it's really weird when you see yourself talking to yourself… The first shot I saw is one of the best shots in the movie, the one where the old Will flips the young Will and then puts the flashlight on his face and it's the first time we see him, and it's just one of those shots that's exquisitely done.”

Ang Lee holding up his Oscars on stage.
Ang Lee directed the movie Gemini Man with Will Smith.

Source: GBTimes

After 20 years in development hell, the people involved were finally able to get the movie made and the critics are not saying nice things about the film. Most of the praise was given towards the acting of Will Smith, the direction of Ang Lee and the technical aspect of the movie and everything else was panned by the critics who thought the plot was paper-thin and understood why other studios were reluctant to make the movie for so long.

Considering the movie’s screenplay was written by the creator of Game of Thrones David Benioff, it is of no surprise the movie was choppy and unhinged by the end (not our words). The movie is a technical marvel and you can bask in the glory of the great filmmaking achievement and also one of the truly “see it on 3-D” movies. But do not go into the theatre expecting a story to go along with the greatness on display. The movie, according to the critics, is for your eyes only and not for the brain, we love Will, it is the reason why we’re telling people not to go in expecting a lot when it comes to the story.

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You can watch 'Gemini Man' in the theatre when it releases worldwide on 11 October 2019.

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