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Get To Know Carli Miles Widow of Tyler Skaggs!

Published Mon Jan 01 2024 By Bsgurung
Get To Know Carli Miles Widow of Tyler Skaggs!

Carli Miles gained media attention through her marriage to the late MLB pitcher, Tyler Skaggs. Their blissful union was tragically cut short when Tyler passed away, just shy of a year into their marriage. Since his untimely demise, Carli has maintained a low profile, living a quiet and private life. 

Before her connection with Tyler, she was not widely known, and details about her personal life remain scarce. Fans of the late MLB star are eager to learn more about Carli, but she continues to keep her life away from the public eye.

Is Carlie Miles Single or Dating? 

Carli Miles is presently unattached, navigating life as a widow following her husband's passing. Residing in Los Angeles, California, she finds happiness in the company of her family while maintaining a deliberate distance from the media spotlight. 

Tyler Skaggs wife Carli Miles
Image: Lage MLB star, Tyler Skaggs with his wife, Carli Miles during their wedding. Source; Instagram

This intentional privacy has created a challenge for the public to glean insights into her lifestyle and activities.

Carli Miles Was Married to MLB Star, Tyler Skaggs

Carli and Tyler's love story began during their high school years at Santa Monica High School, where they started dating. Despite the challenges posed by Tyler's burgeoning MLB career, the couple weathered the demands together. 

Tyler, deeply in love, often shared their adventures on social media and expressed affectionate messages. Their relationship reached new heights as Tyler, a pitcher for the Angels, would text Carli from the dugout during games. 

After years of dating, they got engaged and eventually married on December 4, 2018, in an intimate ceremony attended by both families. Carli looked radiant in an off-white dress, while Tyler was dapper in a navy suit.

MLB Star, Tyler Skaggs Died in 2019

In a devastating incident that rocked the MLB community, Tyler Skaggs tragically passed away on July 1, 2019, in a Southlake, Texas hotel room. Carli learned of the heartbreaking news upon arriving at her parents' home in Santa Monica when Angels manager Billy Eppler delivered the news. 

The moment is etched in her memory, recalling the chilling screams that echoed through the neighborhood. Collecting herself, she broke the news to Tyler's mom, Debbie, who was in disbelief, pounding on the couch in shock, unable to fathom the unthinkable fate that had befallen her son.

The Main Reason for Tyler Skaggs's Death

The autopsy results following Tyler Skaggs' shocking death revealed a drug overdose, with high levels of opioids like fentanyl, oxycodone, and oxymorphone. The accidental nature of his demise was attributed to choking on vomit. 

Disturbingly, none of his family members were aware of his drug use, emphasizing his lack of typical addictive behaviors. ESPN later reported that former Angels Media relations director, Eric Kay, supplied Tyler with opioids and abused them together for years. 

Astonishingly, Angels employees Tim Mead and Tom Taylor, aware of Tyler's addiction, chose not to intervene. Had they disclosed it, the talented pitcher might still be alive, pitching, and with his family.

Carli Miles is a Philanthropist

In 2024, Carli Miles collaborates with her mother-in-law at the Tyler Skaggs Foundation, finding solace and purpose amid the tragedy of Tyler's passing. 

Carli Miles mother in law
Image: Carli Miles with her mother-in-law together in the frame. Source: Instagram

While working for the organization, she grapples with her grief, daily reminiscing about her late husband, symbolically wearing his wedding ring on a chain around her neck for strength during challenging times. 

To keep Tyler close, she holds onto his ashes in a black urn shaped like a giant flame, describing it as a representation of his essence. Through her work and personal mementos, Carli honors Tyler's memory, finding a way to navigate the emotional aftermath of his untimely death.

She Also Serves at Miles2Travel

As a luxury travel advisor at Miles2Travel, Carli Miles, alongside her mother Nina, orchestrates exclusive and personalized travel experiences. Leveraging their extensive global travels, they craft bespoke itineraries tailored to individual preferences. 

Operating as Independent Affiliates of Cadence and esteemed members of Virtuoso Travel Networks, the duo offers VIP treatment through industry connections. Beyond their travel venture, Carli actively participates in the Tyler Skaggs Foundation with her mother-in-law, Debbie Skaggs

Focused on empowering youth, the foundation endeavors to positively impact and shape the lives of young individuals. Carli balances her roles, creating meaningful experiences both in travel and philanthropy.

How Rich is Carli Miles Today? 

Carli, a San Diego travel advisor with a $500,000 net worth, thrives in her role as a Travel Agency Broker, alongside her mother Nina at Miles2Travel. The duo crafts personalized itineraries for clients, combining their extensive travels. 

Tyler Skaggs wife
Image; Tyler Skaggs's widow, Carli Myles giving a speech. Source: Pinterest

Carli and her late husband Tyler resided in their recently purchased Santa Monica home, funded by Tyler's substantial $8 million net worth. 

Despite Tyler's wealth aligning with Antonio Banderas, Carli focuses on her successful travel career, creating memorable experiences for clients and continuing her involvement with the Tyler Skaggs Foundation.

Carli Miles Age and Brother

Born on January 26, 1987, in California, Carli Miles, daughter of Nina and Alan Miles, hails from Los Angeles and has a sibling, Skyler Miles. The family, part of the Caucasian ethnicity with German ancestry, resides in Los Angeles. 

Carli attended Santa Monica High School, coincidentally where she and her late husband Tyler Skaggs both studied. Skyler serves as the CEO and Founder of King of The Kitchen Music LLC in Culver City, California. 

A Musicians Institute alumnus, he furthered his education in Music Business at the University of Arizona. Before founding his record label, Skyler gained experience at the Record Plant Recording Studio.

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