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Get to Know Prima Tesh Beautiful Daughter of John Tesh!

Published Wed Nov 29 2023 By Bsgurung
Get to Know Prima Tesh Beautiful Daughter of John Tesh!

Prima Sellecchia Tesh, daughter of actress Connie Sellecca and musician John Tesh, is gaining popularity as a ballerina, modern dancer, and fitness influencer. Her parents, known for their successful careers, raised two children. Prima's surge in fan following may be attributed to her thriving career and certifications in fitness.

 With a focus on her, she stands out in her dance and fitness endeavors, drawing attention to her personal and professional achievements. As the daughter of well-known figures, Prima Tesh is carving her own path and making waves in the entertainment and fitness world.

Who is Prima Tesh Currently Dating? 

Connie Sellechia and John Tesh's daughter, Prima, has been in a relationship with filmmaker and editor Samuel Rutherford, also known as Sam Wall, since at least October 1, 2018, as per her Instagram post. 

John Tesh Wife
Image: John Tesh with his wife, Connie Selleca together at the event. Source; The Sun

The couple frequently shares their affection for each other on social media. Sam, in addition to his personal life, engages in philanthropy, undertaking a California coast bike tour to raise funds for arthritis sufferers. 

Prima and Sam's relationship is marked by their public displays of affection, and Sam's charitable efforts add a meaningful dimension to their personal story.

Parents Love Life So Far

John Tesh, married to actress Connie Sellecca since 1992, shares a daughter named Prima with her and is also a stepfather to Sellecca's son Gib, with actor Gil Gerard

Tesh and Sellecca, residing in Los Angeles, have collaborated on Tesh's radio and TV programs. In the 1970s, Tesh briefly dated Oprah Winfrey. Raised a Baptist, he was active in the church during his youth, playing organ and singing in the choir. 

Although he became inactive in adulthood, his return to faith was sparked by Sellecca introducing him to Pastor Louis Lapides, inspiring Tesh to write and perform Christian music.

Mother Connie Sellecca is a Renowned Actress

Connie Sellecca is an accomplished American actress and producer, born on May 25, 1955, in The Bronx, New York. Renowned for her captivating performances, she gained widespread recognition for portraying Pam Davidson on the television series "The Greatest American Hero." 

Sellecca's versatility spans various genres, from drama to romance, and she has graced both the small and big screens. Her notable works include "Hotel" and "Flying High." 

Beyond acting, Sellecca is celebrated for her philanthropy and has contributed to charitable causes. Married to musician John Tesh since 1992, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with her talent and compassion.

Father, Joh Tesh is an American Musician and TV Personality

John Tesh, born on July 9, 1952, in Garden City, New York, is a multifaceted American musician, composer, radio host, and television personality. With a career spanning decades, Tesh has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. 

He achieved fame as the co-host of "Entertainment Tonight" and garnered acclaim for his Emmy-winning sports commentary. Tesh is also a prolific musician, recognized for his award-winning compositions and performances. 

His marriage to actress Connie Sellecca since 1992 adds another layer to his public persona. Beyond the spotlight, Tesh is a Christian who has contributed to the music industry and broadcasting with enduring influence.

Prima Tesh As Dancer and Fitness Trainer

Prima Tesh, daughter of John Tesh, made her acting debut in the 2019 series "What's Up North," specifically in the episode titled "Sneaker Culture."

Prima Tesh dance
Image: Prima Tesh showing her dancing skills. Source: YouTube

While her acting credits are limited, Prima excels in the fitness realm as a certified Mat Pilates professional and Lagree instructor. Currently instructing at @thestudiomdr, a Gym/Physical Fitness Center, she specializes in various Pilates disciplines, including abs, cardio, triceps and shoulders, glutes and core, and thighs.

Prima's expertise extends to different fitness domains, showcasing her versatility both on screen and in the world of physical wellness.

Brother, Gib Gerard is a Successful Actor

Prima Tesh shares a half-sibling bond with Gib Gerard, born in 1981 from their mother Connie Sellecca's first marriage to actor Gil Gerard. 

Gib is an accomplished actor recognized for his roles in films such as "The Wild Stallion" (2009), "Me Vs You" (2010), "Grace Like Rain" (2011), and "The Suit" (2011), primarily focusing on TV movies with a Christmas theme.  

Notable projects include "All About Christmas Eve" (2012), "A Christmas Mystery" (2014), and "The Flight Before Christmas" (2015). 

Gib has expanded his involvement in the entertainment industry by executive producing content, including projects featuring his stepfather John Tesh. His recent film ventures include "Deadly Daughter Switch" (2020) and "13 Fanboy" (2021).

How Rich is John Tesh's Daughter? Know About Prima Tesh Net Worth 

Prima Tesh's net worth remains undisclosed, but her father, John Tesh, an American television host and musician, boasts a substantial net worth of $30 million

Widely recognized for hosting "Entertainment Tonight" from 1986 to 1996, Tesh's success extends to music, with over 8 million global album sales. 

During his peak on Entertainment Tonight, he earned an impressive $4 million annually, making him one of the highest-paid personalities in syndicated television. 

Presently, Tesh continues to thrive with an annual income of at least $5 million from his radio show. Meanwhile, Prima's mother, Connie Sellecca, an accomplished model and actress, also holds a notable net worth of $30 million.

Parents Multi Million Homes

For more than three decades, John Tesh and Connie Sellecca have resided in the elevated hills of Beverly Hills, situated within a gated community. 

Prima Tesh family
Image: Prima Tesh with her family. Source: Seattle Refined

In 2005, they undertook a significant renovation, demolishing their previous mansion and constructing a custom-built, expansive 10,500-square-foot residence. 

Presently estimated to be worth between $13-16 million, their lavish mansion reflects their long-standing residence in the exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood, showcasing the couple's commitment to creating a luxurious and personalized living space over the years.

How Old is Prima Tesh Now? 

Born on June 2, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, Prima Tesh is of Italian descent through her mother. Her father, John Tesh, hails from Garden City, New York. 

Named after her maternal grandfather, Primo Sellechia, Prima studied dance at Chapman University from 2012 to 2016. Currently 29 years old, she serves as an assistant operations manager at Pure Barre and works as an Event Coordinator at Casper. 

With a family background rooted in nursing and textile chemistry, Prima's diverse pursuits showcase her talents in dance, fitness management, and event coordination.

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