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Getting to Know Tatyana Ali's Spouse: Introducing Vaughn Rasberry, the Man Who Married the Beloved Actress

Published Mon Jul 17 2023 By Bsgurung
Getting to Know Tatyana Ali's Spouse: Introducing Vaughn Rasberry, the Man Who Married the Beloved Actress

Vaughn Rasberry defied the odds and experienced a remarkable love story through online dating. He found his perfect match, the talented American singer and actress Tatyana Ali, on the platform eHarmony. Their connection blossomed, leading to a beautiful marriage and the arrival of their first child, Edward Aszard Rasberry.

Following their union, Vaughn, who is a professor, gained widespread attention and became a prominent figure in the public eye. His success story serves as inspiration for those who believe in finding love through digital platforms. Vaughn and Tatyana's relationship exemplifies the potential for meaningful connections that can be forged online, leading to lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Happily Married To Wife Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali and Vaughn Rasberry sealed their love with a beautiful wedding ceremony on July 17, 2016, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Surrounded by their loved ones, including close friends and family members, the couple exchanged vows in a joyous celebration.

Vaughn Rasberry and Tayana Ali Wedding dresses
Image: Vaughn Rasberry with his wife, Tayana Ali during their wedding day. Source: Instagram

Their journey began in 2014 when Vaughn discovered Tatyana through the online dating platform eHarmony. After months of getting to know each other through correspondence and Skype conversations, their connection deepened, leading to a blossoming romance. In a delightful surprise, Tatyana announced her engagement and shared the news of their upcoming parenthood, with their first child due in March 2016.

As the years passed, Tatyana and Vaughn celebrated their wedding anniversary, marking three years of love and commitment on July 19, 2019. Their enduring relationship and shared milestones serve as a testament to their enduring bond and the power of finding love through unconventional means.

Father of Two Children

Just two months after their wedding, on September 16, 2016, Tatyana Ali and Vaughn Rasberry welcomed their first child into the world. Their son, Edward Izzard Rasberry, brought immense joy and happiness to their lives. 


At the time, Edward was just a year and six months old, and he became a precious blessing to the new parents, marking the beginning of a beautiful chapter in their family's journey. In an exciting announcement, Tatyana Ali shared with her fans on April 13, 2019, that she and her husband, Dr. Vaughn Rasberry, were expecting their second child. 

The joyful news was revealed on Tatyana's official Instagram account, where she has a following of over 530K followers. She posted a mirror selfie picture proudly displaying her baby bump, spreading the joy of their growing family. 

Vaugh Rasberry is Professor At Standford University

In his professional career, Vaughn Rasberry has had notable roles in academia. From 2008 to 2009, he worked as a teacher of American Studies and African literature at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. 

Vaughn Rasberry is an award winning author and professor
Image: Tatyana Ali's husband, Vaughn Rasberry is a professor and Author. Source: Stanford University

During this time, he demonstrated his dedication to teaching and was recognized with the 2008 Guest Lecturer Award from Tokyo International University. Additionally, Vaughn has held the position of assistant professor of English at Stanford University at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE). 

In this role, he contributed to the field of literary and cultural studies, engaging with topics related to race and ethnicity. Vaughn's academic pursuits reflect his passion for education and his commitment to exploring and understanding diverse perspectives.

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Tatyana Ali's Husband, Vaugh Rasberry is Also an Author

Vaughn Rasberry, in addition to his academic career, has made significant contributions to the world of writing and publishing. In 2014, he authored an article titled "Invoking Totalitarianism: Liberal Democracy Versus The Global Jihad In Boualem Sansal's The German Mujahid" for the "Novel: A Forum On Fiction" journal.

He has also written book chapters that have been published in notable works. One of his chapters, titled "JFK And The Global Anticolonial Movement," was featured in "The Cambridge Companion To John F. Kennedy." Another chapter, titled "The 'Lost' Years Or A 'Decade Of Progress'? African American Writers And The Second World War," was published in 2015.

Awards and Honors

In 2016, Vaughn published his own book titled "Race And The Totalitarian Century: Geopolitics In The Black Literary Imagination." 

This book received critical acclaim and garnered recognition in the form of two awards: the American Political Science Association and the Before Columbus Foundation American Book Awards. 

His writing explores themes of race, geopolitics, and the intersection of literature with historical and political contexts.

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Net Worth and Salaries of Vaughn Rasberry

Vaughn Rasberry, with his successful academic and writing career, has amassed a net worth estimated to be over $6 million as of 2023. His earnings primarily come from his work as a lecturer and author.

Tatyana Ali is happpily married to Vaughn Rasberrry
Image: Tatyana Ali with her husband, Vaughn Rasberry. Source: People

As an academic, he has held positions at renowned institutions such as Humboldt University of Berlin and Stanford University. His expertise in American Studies and African literature, along with his contributions to scholarly journals and book chapters, has contributed to his financial success.

Additionally, the sales of his book, "Race and the Totalitarian Century: Geopolitics in the Black Literary Imagination," have played a significant role in his net worth. The book has received critical acclaim and has likely garnered substantial royalties. His estimated annual income is over $120,000

How Old is Vaughn Rasberry? Know About Vaughn's Age, Mother, and Family

Vaughn Rasberry well-known professor was born on August 16, 1978, in California, USA. As of 2023, he is 44 years old and holds American nationality.

Rasberry belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity, and his zodiac sign is Leo.

Unfortunately, information about his family background, including his parents and siblings, has not been shared publicly.

From Where Vaughn Rasberry Get His Education

Vaughn Rasberry pursued his higher education in the field of English language and literature. He graduated from Howard University with a bachelor's degree in English language and literature. 

He then went on to further his studies and obtained a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Humanities from the University of Chicago. His academic background in these disciplines has laid the foundation for his career as a professor and author.

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