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Harry Potter Actor Ian Peck's Previous Projects Prior to His Dark Materials

Published Fri Sep 20 2019 By Travis
Harry Potter Actor Ian Peck's Previous Projects Prior to His Dark Materials

We are only a month and a couple of days away from the premiere date of the highly anticipated show from BBC One and HBO. 'His Dark Materials' is coming, and we are gearing up to what can and may become one of the constant programming options in the coming years for HBO.

The show is making sure to surround the series with enough talent to get the adaptation of the beloved book to where the creators of the series see it reaching in the coming years. Since the book by Philip Pullman is based in Britain, most of all the actors hired are also of British descent. The show is making a conscious decision to hire as many theatre actors as they can. If you take a look at the series’ IMDb page, then most of the actors are veteran theatre actors.

Ian Peck
Ian Peck was hired to play a role in the upcoming His Dark Materials show.

Source: Fandom

But there are also some who were involved in movies and TV shows before joining the cast of His Dark Materials. One of the actors hired for the show, who is well known in the British TV industry is Ian Peck. Started in 1994, the actor appeared in over 30 British movies and TV shows and carved a little place in the British movie industry for himself. Since he’s got one of the longest filmographies among the people involved in the upcoming series, we wanted to do a run-down of his past projects which caught the eyes of the casting people in HBO and BBC One.

Ian Peck Made a Small Appearance in the Final Harry Potter Movie

Ian Peck played a role in the final Harry potter movie.

Well, some of the people here are probably saying “duh” because except for the Royal Family the whole country of the UK was in the 'Harry Potter' movies. But still, even if you are playing an extra, it is a great honor to appear even in a single scene in one of the most beloved franchises in the world.

Ian was in one scene in the critically acclaimed final movie of the seven-film 'Harry Potter' saga. He played one of the 'Death Eaters' in Hogsmeade, and it was the one, and only time you will see the actor in the movie. It is a blink, and you miss it cameo appearances, but at least he was not named an extra for the film.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 poster
Ian Peck only appeared in a short cameo in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Source: IMDb

Imagine going for an audition and your resume says you were cast in the finale of a long-running saga based on the J.K. Rowling books. Sure is going to make a certain amount of impression on the casting director.

He Appeared in a Few Episodes of Coronation Street

Prison Officer Lindworth

Coronation Street is the longest-running show in the history of British Television and almost all up, and coming actors made a few appearances in the show when they were starting out. Ian Peck was also one of those actors who were hired by the people of the soap opera to play a character of 'Prison Officer Lindworth' for three episodes and finally in 2015 he was hired to play Denton in one more episode of the series.

Doctors was Also a 13 Years Affair

Ian Peck

While struggling as an actor, Ian was hired to play 'Rob Porter' in one episode of the show in 2005. He made further appearances in the soap opera in 2007 when he was playing another character, 'Ben Donahue.' 'Doctors' couldn’t let go of the actor, which is why he was hired back for one more appearance in 2013 where he was asked again to play another character, 'Keith Byton.' Well, it was not the end of the actor in the show because he returned to the show again playing his fifth character in the series in 2018. It was the same year when he was hired to play a role in the revamped 'Robin Hood' starring Taron Egerton, well; the movie was a critical failure and bombed at the box office.

The Most Recognizable Role of His Career Came in Peaky Blinders

Ian Peck in Peaky Blinders

Based on the real-life gangsters who lived in Birmingham after the end of the First World War, the series was started back in 2013 with Cillian Murphy in the lead role, and the show recently began airing its fifth series with the finale coming on 22 September 2019.

Ian was hired to play the role of 'Curly' which he did in 22 of the show’s episodes including two in the fifth season. This was by far the most stable job he was part of in his career, always bouncing around from one show to another; 'Peaky Blinders' was the most noteworthy and also the most important role of his career.

Hiring in His Dark Materials

Ian Peck as Cardinal Sturrock in His Dark Materials.

November will determine the future of His Dark Materials whether the show will be able to make any headway and not fall into the same hole the movie adaptation of Philip Pullman books fell into the first decade of the 21st century. The hiring for the show is top-notch, and Ian is also playing the character of 'Cardinal Sturrock' in all of the eight episodes of the show. What will happen to the character moving forward is unclear until we see the show in its entirety, but it seems this is another stable job for the actor in 2019 and beyond.

The actor made all the impression he could in 'Peaky Blinders,' and it is only going to open more avenues for the “Curly” actor. So, be ready to see more of Ian Peck in movies and TV shows in the future.

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