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How was Molly Baz's Wedding? Get all the Details Here!

Published Sat Oct 26 2019 By Sea
How was Molly Baz's Wedding? Get all the Details Here!

Molly Baz is one of those 'Beauty with Brains' poster women as she is known for her mouthwatering cuisines. She is the Senior Associate Food Editor at Bon Appétit Magazine and constantly pumping photos of her dishes on social media.

Actually, food is the only thing you see on her Instagram page, aside from the rare personal life pictures now and then. She is married to Ben Willett, the creative director of Willett Creative, his spatial designing firm. He is indeed very creative. His Instagram page should impress you.

When did Molly Baz and her husband, Ben Willett, marry?

Molly Baz and her husband, Ben Willett, never openly share their love but rest assured they are very much in love. They married on July 2, 2017, in Blithewood, New York, where Baz and Willet are based. 

The body of Molly perfectly synchronized with her part seen photo on the cover of the Bon Appetit Magazine that is being held by someone else.
Molly made it to the cover of Bon Appétit Magazine this October, and this is how she celebrated it.
Source: Molly Baz, Instagram

Molly and her partner wedded in a traditional ceremony in the presence of both their loved ones. Imagine cooking for your wedding. Don't worry Baz had help and was busy with, well, the wedding.

Two people (Molly and Ben) walking hand-in-hand on a green field overlooking a lake towards the eveining sunset.

Molly was then Willett for life.
Source: Molly Baz, Instagram

Molly and her spouse, Ben, became engaged on November 16, 2016! The married couple dated for quite sometime before the big announcement. Willett was Molly's date for the wedding she attended with her family, and she was proud to reveal him to the world.

Ben Willett inspires Molly Baz At Home!

At home, Ben gives his lady the push for new recipes, despite her excellent culinary skills. But that's how every married life goes. They have to help each other. In this case, Molly herself asks Ben to push for new ideas.

(from left) Molly, her father, mother and Ben posing close to each other for a photo. Two people in the side holding beers.

The perfect date for a perfect wedding, she says.
Source: Molly Baz, Instagram

The two went to Portugal to celebrate their first wedding anniversary and stayed there for almost a month. It's weird to see the two married people sharing things only related to their professional lives (we mean entirely), but they did go to Portugal to tour the city of Lisbon. Vacationing is what they both love to do, and they do it quite often.

Now that the two have come a long way since their marriage, fans will want to see them invite their kids. We don't know if the 'granddaughter' Molly's dad, Doug Baz, showed us on his Instagram page, but she does not intend to extend the family for a while. Both Molly and her husband are fully busy with their work, you know.

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