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Ibrahim Chappelle Family - Five Facts You Might Not Know!

Published Thu Nov 21 2019 By Travis
Ibrahim Chappelle Family - Five Facts You Might Not Know!

Chappelle is the first thing you will notice when seeing the name and rightly so, the name Chappelle is synonymous with hilarity and ridiculous sketch on Comedy Central because of the national treasure Dave Chappelle For years 'Chappelle’s Show' is the gold standard of what a comedy show should be like and because of his persona and presence, everything about Dave’s life is of interest to the people.

Ibrahim Chappelle is famous for exactly the same reason, he is the son of Dave Chappelle, and people are curious as to who he is as a person and all about his education, personal life, career, and relationships. Ibrahim is not active on social media, which by the little we know about the son of Dave Chappelle, is from their father.

Ibrahim is the son of Dave Chappelle and he is 15 years old.
Ibrahim is the son of Dave Chappelle and he is 15 years old.

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Ibrahim is the middle child, and he seems to be enjoying his life just hearing from all the stories Dave shares in his specials. So, here are five facts you should know about Dave Chappelle’s second son Ibrahim Chappelle.

5. Ibrahim is the Second Chappelle Kid

Ibrahim is the Second Chappelle Kid

Ibrahim Chappelle was born after his brother Sulayman, who was going to be named Dave Jr., but to avoid comparison, Dave stayed away from the name. He was born after his brother and before his small sister and Ibrahim’s name sometimes pops up in his father’s specials.

The youngest Chappelle kid is Sonal (Sanna) Chappelle, who is the favorite of their father (he said it, not us). Ibrahim gets a little mention, but it seems he is content with being the middle child, not too grown up his father needs to worry and not too small to be pampered.

4. His Relationship Status

Ibrahim Chappelle

Ibrahim is still in school, and according to his father, he is a good kid who is always doing things right. But if he is anything like his father, the Ibrahim is definitely popular among the ladies, which is why there is a possibility he’s got a girlfriend. But there is an extremely low success rate of people getting into a serious relationship in high school, so it is all fun and game at this point.

3. Ibrahim is of Mixed Heritage

Ibrahim is of Mixed Heritage

Dave Chappelle is Ibrahim’s father, and he is of African-American heritage, whereas his mother Elaine Mendoza Erfe is from the Philippines. She is Asian, which is why all the Chappelle kids are of mixed heritage.

2. Dave Shared a Heartfelt Story About Ibrahim

Dave’s stand-ups are peppered with jokes about his family, the daughter is exempt, but his two sons are fair game when their father is trying to be funny. But then is one show, Dave shared a heartfelt story about his second son Ibrahim about the time when Ibrahim made him a necklace made out of macaroni which made him cry.

Ibrahim asked him why he was crying and trying to be funny, he said, “once you used to live in my balls man, and now you are making jewelry out of macaroni.” The kid is definitely the sensible one, and we definitely love the story of the father and son.

1. The Meaning of His Name

Ibrahim Chappelle with his family

Dave Chappelle converted to Islam in 1998, and when his children were born, he used Arabic names for his children. Like mentioned about Sulayman was named after Solomon from the Bible, and Ibrahim, on the other hand, was an Arabic name, which meant “father of faith.”

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