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Introducing Khaza Kamil Gates: The Life and Times of Kevin Gates' Son

Published Sun Jul 30 2023 By Bsgurung
Introducing Khaza Kamil Gates: The Life and Times of Kevin Gates' Son

Khaza Kamil Gates is well-known as a celebrity kid, being the son of American rapper and singer Kevin Gates and entrepreneur Dreka Gates. He was born on May 10, 2014, making him the youngest member of the Gates family. Khaza has an older sister named Islah Koren Gates

As the child of prominent parents in the entertainment and business world, Khaza has gained attention and recognition from the public. Despite his young age, he is already a part of the spotlight due to his famous family background.

When Was Khaza Kamil Gates Born? Know About Khaza's Birthday

Khaza Kamil Gates, born on May 10, 2014, in the United States, is currently 8 years old. He is the son of the renowned Louisiana-born rapper Kevin Gates, who gained celebrity status with his mixtape "The Luca Brasi Story." 

Khaza Kamil Gates father
Khaza Kamil Gates with his father, Kevin Gates. 
Source: Instagram

Khaza holds citizenship in the United States and has a mixed heritage of Puerto Rican and African American ancestry. Growing up in the United States, he shares his childhood with his older sister, Islah Koren, who was born on November 30, 2012. As a celebrity kid, he has become part of the public eye due to his famous family background.

Are Dreka and Kevin Gates separated?

In March 2022, rumors of Kevin Gates and Dreka's separation surfaced after Kevin's cryptic social media post, hinting at missing his ex. A fan expressed disappointment, seeing them as an inspiration for "Black Love." Kevin's song "Super General" added to the speculation with lyrics suggesting tension and accusations of lying by Dreka. 

The phrase "personal trainer" caused further controversy. Despite the rumors, neither Kevin nor Dreka has confirmed or denied the separation. Kevin also mentioned well-known figures like Rubi Rose and Beyoncé in his freestyle, with Rubi responding, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z remaining silent. As of now, the couple has not addressed the rumors directly.

Highlights on Parents' Monogamy Relationship 

Kamil's parents, Kevin and Dreka, have been in a close and understanding relationship for nearly two decades. However, they made a mutual decision to end their monogamous relationship. 

Khaza Kamil Gates parents Wedding
Khaza Kamil Gates's parents were at the party. 
Source: Pinterest

Despite still being married, they both engaged in various casual relationships with other people. In an interview with Noisey, Kevin described their arrangement as more of an "exploratory vibe." 

This decision seems to reflect their openness and willingness to explore different dynamics in their relationship while maintaining a strong bond and understanding between them.

How Many Siblings Does Khaza Kamil Gates Have? 

As far as public information goes, Kevin and his wife, Dreka, are known to have two wonderful children. However, in a 2013 interview with Complex, Kevin admitted to having additional children besides Khaza and Islah

He emphasized that he spends considerable time with all of his kids but chose not to disclose their identities, wanting to keep them out of the public eye.

For their son, they chose the name Khaza, which means "gift from God" in Arabic and also signifies "treasure" in English. His middle name, Kamil, means "perfect" or "the perfect one" in Arabic. Khaza and Islah are only one year apart in age. Islah, his sister's name, means "reform" or "to improve," also derived from Arabic.

Both Khaza and Islah were given Arabic names because Kevin and Dreka are Muslims, and they wanted to reflect their faith and cultural heritage through their children's names.

Who is Khaza Kamil Gates's Mother, Dreka Gates?

Dreka Gates, the mother of Khaza Kamil Gates, is a multi-talented individual born on August 31st, 1986. She has excelled in various fields, including acting, business, YouTube, and media, making her somewhat of a superstar. 

Dreka has achieved significant success in music, modeling, and acting, as well as on social media platforms. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is actively involved in charitable work and has even taken up farming as a hobby. Dreka is also the proud mother of Khaza's sibling, Islah Gates, and the loving wife of Kevin Gates.

Dreka and Kevin first met and developed a strong bond while in high school. They fell in love quickly and have been together since the early 2000s. The media took notice of Dreka when she made appearances in some of Kevin's music videos. 

They publicly acknowledged their relationship shortly after, and together, they welcomed their children Islah and Khaza. They eventually tied the knot on October 17, 2015, and have been enjoying a blissful and beautiful union ever since.

Khaza Kamil Gates's Net Worth and Lifestyle

Since his birth, Khaza Kamil has been living a luxurious life, enjoying all the privileges that come with being born into a wealthy and famous family. At eight years old, he is yet to earn his own income and is financially supported by his celebrity parents, rapper Kevin Gates and entrepreneur Dreka Gates.

Khaza Kamil Gates parents
Image: Khaza Kamil Gates enjoying a day out with his parents. Source: Twitter

Currently, Khaza is attending preschool, and while his grade level is not publicly disclosed, he is focusing on his education and preparing for his future. Many of Kevin's fans are curious to see if Khaza will follow in his father's footsteps and pursue a music career as well.

Parents Fortune

Kevin Gates, Khaza's father, has a notable net worth of $1 million, earned through his successful career as a rapper and singer. He is also the owner of a record label called Breadwinners' Association, through which he has released several mixtapes and songs.

Khaza's mother, Dreka Gates, is also enjoying a successful professional life as a businesswoman. Her net worth is around $1 Million.

She runs her own "plant-based skincare and whole body wellness" line called Dreka Wellness and has an official YouTube channel with over 100 thousand subscribers. Together, as a family, they continue to lead a luxurious and prosperous life.

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